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iOS 7 Downloads Resume for Many



It appears that the iOS 7 download process is working for some iPhone and iPad owners, more than two hours after Apple first released iOS 7 and after many dealt with errors that prevented them from downloading and thus, installing the update.

Around 10AM PST, Apple released the iOS 7 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners setting off a frenzy of downloads that led to some iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners encountering errors when trying to download the software Over-the-Air and through iTunes. Users updating OTA ran into a Software Update Failed error while users trying to install through iTunes were plagued with an Error 9006 that prevented them from moving further in the download process.

There are still iPhone and iPad owners who are dealing with issues but after two hours, many others have been able to get around them as Apple’s servers have cooled off.

Read: iOS 7 Software Update Failed Errors Plague Users.

iOS 7 downloads are working again it seems.

iOS 7 downloads are working again it seems.

For instance, our iPhone 5 and iPad 3 had been unable to download iOS 7 thanks to errors. However, about forty minutes ago, the downloads started and kept pushing and now, both devices are currently installing the iOS 7 update though that process has been a crawl as well. We’ve spoken to many iPhone and iPad owners who say that the iOS 7 download process is now working as intended which suggests that the worst has passed.

Typically, Apple’s servers are hammered in the first couple of hours of a major software release before settling down after the initial rush of users are able to get their software downloaded and installed. Users who have waited will likely encounter minimal issues later on today and will likely be able to get iOS 7 up and running within 30 minutes or so.

iOS 7 represents a massive change from iOS 6 as it delivers a new, flat look that is vastly different from the look of iOS 6 and many of the previous iOS updates. It delivers new multitasking, a new Control Center, and new features like AirDrop, while also introducing new icons for Apple’s stock applications.

Apple is in the process of testing iOS 7.0.1 which means that we could see another iOS 7 update emerge for iPhone and iPad owners, just a few weeks after today’s release.



  1. Marcelo L

    09/18/2013 at 1:50 pm

    Thank you for the update – I thought my phone was failing, as no other site had the “courage” to say something was actually wrong with Apple servers…
    Apple fans can be so protective…
    Will try updating the software in a few days.

  2. Jim Thessin

    09/18/2013 at 2:10 pm

    My 2 iPhone 4S devices initially had trouble but finally went thru.
    Now my iPad keeps saying that it is up to date on 6.1.3 and won’t download 7…….

  3. iOS 7 download links

    10/08/2013 at 2:16 am

    In the first couple of hours of iOS 7 download goes available for public, I faced issues. But once everything gets settled, it only takes 5 minute to download and install the update.

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