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Is This iOS 7 for iPad? (Video)



While the iOS 7 beta for iPhone has given iPhone users a glimpse at what to expect from the iOS 7 release down the road, the iOS 7 beta for iPad remains unreleased. However, iPad owners looking for an early glimpse at iOS 7 ahead of the iOS 7 beta are in luck today it seems as a new video has emerged, seemingly showing off the unreleased software or something that looks very similar.

Earlier this month, Apple debuted iOS 7 which will be arriving later this year for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The software isn’t expected to arrive until sometime in the fall as Apple, and those in the developer program, work to get rid of the bugs and enhance the software before its final touchdown for the masses.

Another possible look for iOS 7 for the iPad.

iOS 7 beta remains unreleased on iPad.

To do this, Apple has released iOS 7 beta for the iPhone and iPod touch. Developers are able to download the software in an effort to get familiar with the software and report bugs ahead of its Gold Master. Apple hasn’t yet released iOS 7 beta for iPad however saying that it is saving that release for sometime this summer.

The lack of an iOS 7 beta for iPad means that iPad owners have only caught glimpse of what iOS 7 looks like on Apple’s large slate. And while it remains unreleased, a new video has surfaced today, claiming to show off iOS 7 on the iPad.

The video, first discovered by 9to5Mac, is in Russian, but that’s not what will matter to iPad owners. What will matter is that it seems to be showing off what iOS 7 looks like on the iPad. Appearances of course can be deceiving and given that Apple hasn’t released the beta, it’s unclear how the software may have been acquired, if it is in fact the real deal.

Even if it isn’t, it should give iPad owners a good look into what iOS 7 will likely look like when it arrives further down the road.

The video showcases many of the new features that will indeed be coming with iOS 7 when it arrives including the new Control Center which appears to be super sized for the iPad and the new Notification Center that can be accessed from the top of the user interface.

At this point, while it appears to be real or at least based on the real software, its authenticity cannot be verified and thus it should be taken by iPad owners with a grain of salt.

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