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iOS 7 Jailbreak: 5 Handy Activator Actions



There are a lot of nifty iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks that you can get for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, and a lot of them fix the annoyances of iOS 7 while others enhance the iOS experience. Activator is one jailbreak app that enhances the experience in iOS 7, allowing you do all sorts of stuff with the hardware buttons on the iPhone and iPad or various swipes on the touch screen.

Activator allows you to do so many different things, and the combinations of actions are essentially endless, but we found that there are a few actions that are worth your time than others, and they don’t impede on the existing iOS experience. In fact, these actions enhance it and give your iPhone or iPad even more power and usefulness. Here are five that are worth taking a look at.

iOS 7 jailbreak app Activator

Short-Hold Volume Up and Down Buttons

The physical volume buttons on the side of the iPhone and iPad are great for…well…changing the volume, but they can do so much more. In Activator, you can do things like change a song in the Music app by short-holding down either the volume up button to go to the next track or the volume down button to go back a track.

This little trick is great when you don’t want to go unlock your iOS device just to open up the Music app to change the song; you can simply tap on one of the volume buttons without any hassle. Plus, it’ doesn’t mess with the actual volume change, since the action will wait for the short-hold first before attempting to change the volume.


Swipe Right from Left Edge of Screen

Since the swipe to the right is now gone in iOS 7 (it used to bring up Spotlight Search, which has been reassigned to a downward swipe), you can now use it for other actions using Activator. Personally, I have it set to launch Siri whenever I swipe to the right from the left edge of the screen. I’ve found it to be a lot quicker than waiting to hold down the home button.

Of course, you can assign this action for other things as well, such as launching a specific app that you regularly use. Furthermore, I make it so that this action only works on the home screen, so that I don’t accidentally activate it when I’m swiping through an app.


Triple-Click Home Button

Double-clicking the home button brings up the app switcher, but what about triple-clicking? It doesn’t do anything by default, but you can assign an action to it through Activator. The possibilities are endless with a triple-click on the home button.

I have it set as the flashlight since I’m always using it throughout the day, and especially at night, but it can also be a good app launcher for a specific app that you use often.


Double-Click Sleep/Power Button

The sleep button (or power button if you want to call it that too) only has one action by default, and that is to turn on and off your iPhone or iPad. However, with Activator you can have it do more than just that. I’ve noticed that this action is best used as a toggle of some sort, and I’ve seen a lot users assign this action as a flashlight toggle.

You can also use the sleep/power button for another action by short-holding down on it to launch an application or even pause your music without dealing with the touchscreen.


Swipe on Status Bar

This is another Activator action that doesn’t get in the way of anything in iOS. You can swipe down from the status bar to get the notification center, but what happens when you swipe left or right on the status bar? Nothing! Put those swipes to good use and assign an action to swiping left or right.

Personally, since I’m jailbroken, I have to restart the springboard a lot to get jailbreak apps working and such, so I simply swipe left on the status bar to instantly restart the springboard. Of course, you can have the action be anything you want. The great thing about Activator is that its world is your oyster.


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