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iOS 7 May Include Flickr, Vimeo Integration



Apple may include support for two additional social networks when it debuts iOS 7, the next version of the company’s operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad.

According to sources who spoke exclusively with 9to5Mac, Apple will add both Flickr and Vimeo support to iOS natively. Instead of users having to download both service’s applications from the iTunes App Store, Apple would the username and password of the user’s individual accounts to connect with them both.

Reportedly, iOS 7’s native Flickr integration will allow users to store and share photos on their Flickr account from the iOS share menu. iOS 7 would also store the user’s Flickr credentials so that anytime the user needed them, like using Instagram’s app, the user wouldn’t have to enter their username and password again.

IOS 7 may include Flickr and Vimeo integration.

iOS 7 may include Flickr and Vimeo integration.

Flickr underwent its biggest revamp just this week. Yahoo, the company who owns Flickr announced that in addition to its new user interface, users would be allow to store up to 1 terabye of photos. It’s believed the company is positioning Flickr as a direct competitor to Facebook, which is already supported in iOS.

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The addition of Vimeo to iOS would be the latest move by Apple to axe and replace features that currently rely on Google services. Just last year, the company announced that it would no longer include the YouTube application in iOS, Vimeo allows users to upload and share video clips online. 9to5Mac’s source didn’t offer any insight into how in-depth the Vimeo features in iOS might be or to what extent that could be used in place of YouTube in the operating system.

It should be noted that the latest version of Apple’s Mac OS operating system for desktops and laptops already includes integration with both Vimeo and Flickr.

It’s rumored that Apple will also introduce a revamped user interface in iOS 7 as well, though so far details on what changes could be made are hard to come by.

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Apple is expected to detail the latest features and addition to iOS during the company’s World Wide Developer Conference or WWDC 2013. That event kicks off on June 10th.

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