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iOS 7 Release: What to Expect This Fall



On the first day of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the company started it off with a bang, announcing a number of different products and services including the new iOS 7 operating system that is scheduled to land for select iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices sometime in the fall of this year. And while it’s release date is unknown, we want to take a look at what to expect from the iOS 7 release date.

As expected, Tim Cook and company took to the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco and announced a flurry of new products during the two hour keynote. The company introduced new MacBook Airs, a new Mac Pro, the new OS X Mavericks and of course, it showed off its new mobile operating system, iOS 7.

The new iOS 7 Photos app makes finding photos easier.

The iOS 7 release date will be arriving sometime this fall.

Over the last hour or so of the presentation, the company not only showed off the features and design of iOS 7, but it also attempted to sell consumers and developers on its new vision for the operating system. One way that it tried to do that was through a deep walk through of its features, and there are many.

iOS 7 represents what Apple is calling the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the original iPhone all the way back in 2007. On paper, this seems to be the case as the core applications of iOS including Weather have seen a major overhaul in both the feature department and in the looks department. iOS 7 looks vastly different from iOS 6 or any iOS version before it.

The other sales tactic that it used was giving the software a soft release date. What we mean by that is that it announced an iOS 7 release date for the fall. Given the early state of iOS 7, this is something that many other companies would be unwilling to do.

So now consumers know the features and more importantly, they know when it’s coming out. And while we’ve taken an extensive look at its features, it’s now time to take a look at what we expect from the upcoming iOS 7 release date this fall.

iPhone 5S

Every year, Apple releases a new version of iOS. This year, it’s the redesigned iOS 7 which will be coming out this fall. Every year Apple also releases a new iPhone, alongside that new piece of mobile software and this year, it’s more than likely going to be the iPhone 5S, an upgraded version of the current iPhone, the iPhone 5.

Rumors ahead of WWDC suggested that Apple would be releasing the iPhone 5S sometime this fall. And now, with iOS 7 set to debut sometime this fall, it’s more than likely that Apple will release a new iPhone in the fall as well, sandwiched in between the summer and the holiday shopping season.

The iPhone 5S, unlike iOS 7, isn’t thought to be a major overhaul, instead combining the iPhone 5’s design with some new hardware upgrades including a faster processor, improved camera and quite possibly a fingerprint reader.

While nothing is confirmed, at the very least, those in the market for a new iPhone will likely get one around the same time that Apple releases its new iOS 7 software.

iOS 7 Release Date in September

The iOS 7 release date is looking good for September.

The iOS 7 release date is looking good for September.

Yesterday, Apple released its iOS 7 beta, an early version of the software that is now available for developers to test ahead of its eventual release date this fall.

Typically, Apple releases its iOS software about 60-90 days after the release of the beta which puts a release date in the months of August or September. That of course, isn’t a given, but given the September release of the iPhone 5 and given the iPhone 5S release date rumors, September is looking like the front-runner for an iOS 7 release date.

A specific date for its arrival won’t be known until Apple announces it on stage alongside the new iPhone so it’s likely that iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners are going to be waiting several months to find out a concrete date.

Different iPhone 5 & iOS 7 Release Dates

While the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 might accompany each other at launch, consumers should expect them to possess different release dates. Apple typically releases its new iOS software for owners of older devices a few days earlier than its iPhone release date.

It happened with both iOS 5 and iOS 6 so it’s safe to assume it will happen with iOS 7 as well.

Bumpy Installation Process, For Some

Error 3200 plagued owners upgrading to iOS 5.

Error 3200 plagued owners upgrading to iOS 5.

Day one for iOS 5 was a complete and utter mess with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners experiencing a great number of issues with the installation process. While some received errors, others simply weren’t able to download the software thanks to all of the users attempting to download the software from Apple at once.

While chaos was expected with iOS 6, Apple seemed to have learned from its mistakes and the process was a whole lot smoother for those trying to get the software on the first day.

We fully expect the demand for iOS 7 to be extremely high amongst owners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and that means that there potential for chaos on the day it comes out. However, given how well Apple handled iOS 6, we think that it should be smooth sailing for most people.

Of course, there will likely be some rotten eggs, as there always are. That should be expected. However, we expect that a majority of iDevice owners will have a seamless iOS 7 installation.

Day One Bugs Despite iOS 7 Beta

Despite the iOS 7 beta, we expect there to be bugs on board iOS 7 when it arrives, just like there have been with iOS software updates of the past. With iOS 6, it was non-working PassBook, broken Wi-Fi and more. With iOS 7, it’s impossible to say, but owners of iDevices should expect to hear about minor issues that are plaguing owners, temporary or not.

If there are any major bugs, and we doubt there will be given the lengthy beta period, Apple will roll out an iOS 7.0.1 update soon after its arrival. If there are simply minor bugs and kinks to work out, we expect Apple to wait to roll out an update.

A More Complete iOS 7

Apple’s iOS 7 announcement yesterday was likely only a sneak peek at the real iOS 7. Sure, we saw tons of features announced on stage for the operating system but the carrier tends to always have some cards that it doesn’t play at WWDC, instead choosing to hold onto them until closer to release.

There will be bugs.

There will be bugs.

We expect this to be the case with iOS 7. Apple likely will take the stage during the iPhone announcement and not only show off the new iPhone, but show off a few new features of iOS 7 as well. We saw Apple keep Siri from view prior to the iPhone 4S launch and we expect the same to occur here.

Just what Apple might have in store is unclear but odds are, at least some of it will be unique to the iPhone 5S. There have been continual whispers about a fingerprint scanner and perhaps, the unrevealed software will have something to do with that.

Devices Missing Features

iPhone 5 Display

Older devices won’t get all of the iOS 7 features.

While iPhone 5S owners will be getting the full version of iOS 7, whatever that entails, owners of older devices should expect to not get the full version of iOS 7. For iPhone 5 owners, that means likely missing out on a unique feature or two that Apple will use to sell the iPhone 5S.

For owners of older devices like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, that means missing out on not only that, but on features like AirDrop as well. AirDrop will only be coming to Phone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation) owners while Filters in Camera will only be heading to iPhone 5 and iPod touch fifth-generation owners.

We expect that there could be more than just those two features that don’t make it to older devices though we’ll likely have to wait until release day to find out.

Lack of iOS 7 Jailbreak

While we haven’t heard much about an iOS 7 jailbreak, owners should expect an iOS 7 jailbreak to emerge at some point after iOS 7 is released and not at launch.

Currently, iDevice owners that wish to jailbreak need to be on iOS 6.1.2 as iOS 6.1.3 killed the popular Evasi0n jailbreak that was released by the Evad3rs jailbreak team.

Thus far, the team has been silent about the prospects for an iOS 7 but that doesn’t mean that we should discount one. If one does arrive, don’t expect it to be available on day one though. It will more than likely take some time.



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    06/11/2013 at 1:57 pm

    Wanna have iOS 7 right now? Just check this site and download iOS 7 with installation guide!

  2. Kanchha

    06/11/2013 at 10:18 pm

    When it well ready to use iOS 7 still waiting iOS 7

  3. Charlie Dean (@voobco)

    06/26/2013 at 4:58 am

    Actually, filters in camera are available in iOS 7 for iPhone 4S. I tried the beta.

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