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iOS 7 Release Day Roundup: Issues, Guides, Tips & More



Apple’s iOS 7 might have been formally announced that this year’s World Wide Developer Conference, but today marks the first time uses without early access can download the next edition of Apple’s mobile operating on their iPhone and iPads.

Since the software arrived at 1 p.m. GottaBeMobile has monitored the situation, delivering the latest How To’s, update recommendations and tricks to make the approaching transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7 easier.

iOS 7 to iOS 6?: No Way to Switch Back to iOS 6

With the sheer amount of significant design changes being introduced with iOS 7, it’s likely that many users will want to go back to iOS 6 if they aren’t satisfied with the new user interface and other features in the update. The news for those users isn’t good.

iOS 7 Release Keeps Impatient iPhones Owners Awake

Some users stayed up all night hoping that they’d be able to get their hands on iOS 7 before heading off to work or school.

The iOS 7 GM download lets anyone with a supported device install IOS 7 early.

iOS 7 running on the iPhone 5.

How to Upgrade to iOS 7

In this tutorial GottaBeMobile walks users through every single step in upgrading their iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to iOS 7.

Infinity Blade 3 Arrives Ahead of iOS 7 Launch

Having been the only game Apple showed off during its introduction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, hopes were high that Infinity Blade 3 would arrive in lockstep with iOS 7. It did.

iOS 7 Apps Incoming Ahead of Official Launch

Many iOS developers took the opportunity to launch significant updates to their applications on the platform. In this piece, GottaBeMobile profiles a few of the most high-profile app refreshes to arrive with iOS 7.

Errors Start Ahead of iOS 7 Release

Mere minutes after iOS downloads for the iPhone and iPad became available reports of failed installs and slow download speeds began to circulate.

How to Upgrade from the iOS 7 Beta to iOS 7 Public Release

For some users iOS 7 isn’t anything new. Enthusiasts and industry insiders have had the new operating system for some time. Here’s how to get an iPad or iPhone running iOS 7 Beta to the final version of iOS 7.

iOS 7 Update Now Available for iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch

iOS 7 goes up on Apple’s servers, putting an end to the staid gradient filled days of iOS’ first user interface, and introducing the world to a more flat design with more modern aesthetics.

Apple Releases iTunes 11.1

Just in time to accommodate the new iTunes Radio subscription service included in iOS, Apple updated iTunes to version 11.1.

iOS 7 Software Update failed Errors Frustrate Users

Almost immediately, iPhone and iPad users begin taking to social networks like Twitter and Facebook to vent about failed attempts to update their devices.

iOS 7 on iPhone 4s: First Impressions and Performance

Apple’s latest operating system is designed to complement the processors and aesthetics of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but iPhone 4s users can still download the update. In this piece, GottaBeMobile examines the performance of iOS 7 on one of the oldest iPhones still being sold.

How to Use Control Center in iOS 7

A user guide to using the new Control Center area in iOS 7 to manage iPhone settings and features.

Op Ed: iOS 7’s iTunes Radio Changes Nothing

iTunes Radio may have been one of iOS 7’s most hyped features. In fact, it may have been completely over-hyped.

iTunes Radio is a huge new iOS 7 feature that should appeal to music lovers.

iTunes Radio on an iPhone running iOS 7.

iOS 7 Update Storage Issues Strike

Users of iPhones and iPads with 16GB of storage begin paying the price for not having enough free space to download and install iOS 7.

How to Turn Off iOS 7’s Parallax Effect

If iOS 7’s color scheme wasn’t enough to drive off some user’s the operating systems Parallax backgrounds could be. Here’s how to turn this effect off and save precious battery life.

iOS 7 Error 9006 Plagues Users in iTunes

iTunes begins flashing errors with a 9006 error code while trying to download iOS 7.

How to Use iOS 7 Spotlight Search

Apple has moved the Spotlight search functionality in iOS 7. Here’s how to get to it and continue finding files and applications easily on a device with the new operating system.

How to Enable Automatic App Updates in iOS 7

Users no longer have to manually tell their devices to download app updates from the iTunes App Store. With a few simple button presses, iOS 7 can be told to download them automatically.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9006 When Upgrades to iOS 7

GottaBeMobile informs users on how to fix the 9006 error that occurs in iTunes when upgrading to iOS 7.

iOS 7 Downloads Resume for Many

After hours of error screens and failed attempts, iOS 7 downloads slowly resume for some users.

How to Setup iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad (Video)

Here’s a video of the things iOS 7 users need to do to complete their iOS 7 setup process for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 7 errors Driving You Crazy? Put Down the iPhone and Walk Away

Users who are still having trouble downloading iOS 7 should simply take a deep breath, and walk away from the update button for now.

How to Change Siri’s Voice in iOS 7

Users don’t necessarily have to keep the female voice that has become synonymous with Apple’s Siri digital assistant. Here’s how to change it.

How to Stop iOS 7 Apps from Refreshing in the Background

iOS 7 finally allows applications to refresh in the background, guaranteeing that all apps have current information when opened. Here’s how to turn it off and get a little extra battery life.

What is iOS 7?

If you’re unfamiliar with what iOS 7 really is, GottaBeMobile has a crash course to get you up to speed in no-time flat.

10 iOS 7 Features That You’ll Hate

iOS 7 isn’t all fresh interfaces and new features, there are some features in the operating system that could drive users absolutely crazy.

iOS 7 on iPhone 5: first Impressions and Performance

Apple’s iOS 7 may run fine on the company’s forthcoming iPhone 5s with its upgraded processor but how about on last year’s flagship. GottaBeMobile takes a look.

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