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iOS 7 Release: What Not to Expect This Fall



Earlier this week, Apple took the stage at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference and announced a number of new products for later this year including OS X Mavericks and the hotly anticipated iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 7, in particular, is going to be released later on this fall though Apple remains silent on a specific date. That said, it’s time to dig into its release and point out some things consumers should not expect from an iOS 7 release.

As expected, Apple took the curtain down from around several new products that the company has lined up for consumers. The company introduced revamped MacBook Air models that feature better batter life and also announced a new Mac Pro that will be coming later this year for those that need a bunch of firepower from their computer.

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Arguably, the highlights of the show were the new versions of OS X and iOS that Apple introduced. OS X Mavericks will be arriving later this year for Mac owners and it will feature a number of significant feature upgrades that should entice Mountain Lion owners to upgrade.

Maybe most important of all, Apple introduced iOS 7, its brand new mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that will be introducing some of the most significant changes the company has ever made to iOS. In fact, Apple calls the software the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone, meaning, this is the biggest update to the software since 2007.

On paper, this appears to be the case. iOS 7 looks vastly different than the previous versions of iOS with its new color palate and flatter icons. Gone are the real-world textures of old, replaced by a look crafted by iPhone designer, Jony Ive. And that’s not all either. The software will be coming with revamped core applications and a number of new features including the addition of AirDrop.

Needless to say, all eyes are on iOS 7 which was released in beta form to developers just a few short days ago. The consumer release however isn’t expected to arrive until this fall. And while we don’t have a specific date, we can make some educated guesses about what and what not to expect from it.

We’ve already taken a look at what to expect from the iOS 7 release and now, it’s time to switch gears and look at what not to expect from the iOS 7 release this fall.

iOS 7 Release Outside of the Fall

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Don’t expect an iOS 7 release to fall outside the fall.

Apple doesn’t make release promises that it can’t keep. So when it says that iOS 7 will be out this fall, know that iOS 7 will be out sometime during the months of September, October or November.

At the moment, we only have a few clues in regards to the specific release date. The iPhone 5S, which is thought to be Apple’s next-generation iPhone, is thought to be arriving in September, the same month as the iPhone 5. If that’s true, it means that Apple will be releasing iOS 7 that same month as well.

Don’t expect a release in November either as Apple will want to get its device and software out ahead of the holiday shopping season to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S4, HTC One and Galaxy Note 3.

Bug Free iOS 7

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners are likely hoping for a relatively bug free piece of software this fall. And while iOS 7 may not have any major bugs on board, that doesn’t mean that it won’t have smaller ones that cause headaches for owners.

Apple may strive for perfection but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. In fact, its software, iOS 6 in particular, is full of issues that are currently plaguing iPhone and iPad owners around the world. iOS 7 will likely face the same obstacles not only in the aftermath of its release but in the months after its release as well.

Sure, Apple will work out the bigger kinks that we’ve seen from iOS 7 beta including the terrible battery drain but iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users should not expect the Gold Master version of iOS 7 to be bug free.

In fact, we’re willing to bet $100, right now, that battery drain issues arise seconds after the release of iOS 7.

To Be Prepared to Update

Those looking for a flawless iOS 7 release aren’t going to like what they see come release day. That’s because year after year, iPhone and iPad owners run into problems installing new software. We fully expect the same from iOS 7 though we don’t think that users will encounter the same server issues that plagued iOS 5 on release day.

Upgrading to iOS 7 will be easy. If you're prepared.

Upgrading to iOS 7 will be easy. If you’re prepared.

Fortunately, there are ways of making sure that the iOS 7 installation process goes smoothly. In the days leading up to its release, users will want to update applications, back up photos and other sensitive information and make sure iTunes is updated, even if an OTA update is available.

Again, we don’t expect there to major issues but there will be minor ones and users should start prepping once the fall season comes around. Of course, most people won’t heed this advice so we expect chaos for many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners.

The Same iOS 7 We Saw at WWDC

Simply put, don’t expect the iOS 7 update that we saw on stage and have seen inside the iOS 7 beta to be the final version of iOS 7 that comes to iPhone and iPad owners this fall.

The most logical reason for this is the release of the iPhone 5S. Apple is heavily rumored to be keeping the same design as the iPhone 5 for its new iPhone while also upgrading some of its hardware including the camera and processor.

Right now, and in three months, the smartphone market will be extremely competitive and Apple will need to separate the iPhone 5S from not just its Android and Windows Phone competition but from the iPhone 5. Simply put, it will need to justify the upgrade and as we’ve seen with the releases of the HTC One and Galaxy S4, Apple’s competitors know that one of the main ways of doing that is through software.

Apple itself knows the drill as well. With the iPhone 4S, another incremental device, we saw the introduction of Siri, the personal assistant that lives on in iOS 7.

Exactly what will be on board the iPhone 5S’ software is unknown but we imagine that it could have something to do with the rumored fingerprint scanner that we’ve seen emerge in rumors. We also suspect that Apple may keep some other features out of view prior to the arrival of iOS in order to have something fresh when the fall comes around.

To Know Your Way Around iOS 7

Control Center in iOS 7 replicates some jailbreak features and makes it easier to change settings.

Control Center is now accessed with a swipe up.

Don’t expect to know how to take full advantage of iOS 7, or even how to use it properly right off the bat. Apple wasn’t lying when it said that it was the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone and the software not only possesses new icons and a new look, but also new swipes and new locations for things like Spotlight.

Those who installed iOS 7 beta likely had a hard time figuring out where some features are. In particular, the popular Spotlight search function, which has been available with a simple swipe to the left from the home screen, is now accessible by pulling down from the Notification Bar at the top of the UI.

To find Control Center, where Settings and Music can be toggled, it’s now a swipe up instead of just a double tap on the home button.

All-Around Happiness

Don’t expect the iOS 7 release to please everybody. For one, Apple has already talked about the features it will be cutting from some of its older devices. For example, the iPhone 4S, which turns two this year, won’t be getting the AirDrop feature that Apple touted on stage.

For iPhone 3GS owners, it’s much worse as they will have to endure an iOS 7 release without any new software. Apple has confirmed the iPhone 3GS will remain on iOS 6.

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For others, it will simply be a matter of adjustment and for others that don’t follow along, the changes of iOS 7 will likely come as a huge surprise, perhaps an unpleasant one.

So even if iOS 7 is the greatest iOS update since the introduction of iOS, don’t expect release day to be a joyous occasion for everyone. And remember, users can always stay on iOS 6 or below as Apple doesn’t force upgrades.



  1. Mike Castillo

    06/12/2013 at 8:58 pm

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  2. Tony

    06/13/2013 at 9:58 pm

    Apple actuly does in a seance force upgrades once you have updated it you can’t downgrade again without saved shsh blobs even with the Ipsw downloaded so I expect that everyone will be happy on release day but 3 days later when they discover they hate it and it drains the battery too much and that they can’t even downgrade to ios 6 I expect they will be very unhappy unless they are one of the advanced people like me who will save there shsh blobs and have done loads of restores with redsn0w before and know how to restore it to ios 6 without any hassles

  3. Dade

    06/15/2013 at 10:01 am

    I put ios 7 beta on my iPhone 4 and the battery life sucks again. Also it does not get all the eye candy that the 5 and 4s gets. Also every now and then in order to get to the lock screen I have to do a hard reboot. That bugs me more then the battery drain.

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