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iOS 7 Today: A Smarter Notification Center (Video)



The Notification Center in iOS 7 brings a brand new Today mode that borrows some of the Google Now predictive features and combines the information you need to know today into a one-stop shop for your calendar, reminders, weather and more.

The iPhone Notification Center is still a swipe down from the top for access to notifications, and now this also works on the lock screen when a passcode is enabled. While it isn’t a lock screen widget like on Android, it does put the information you need within a swipe anywhere on the iPhone.

Watch: Video Tour of New IOS 7 Features

iOS 7 Notification Center Today Video

Watch as we walk through the new Notification Center on iOS 7 with a closer look at the new Today feature.

The new Today mode for the iOS 7 Notification Center is the default tab when opening the Notification Center for the first time in a while, though users can turn this off and can always tap on the other tabs to see all notifications or just missed notifications.

Users will see the current date and weather for the current location at the top of the Today screen, followed by their next appointment as a summary. According to MacRumors, after the iPhone determines a frequent location it will start to add in the time it takes to get there. We hope this gets added to locations for events.

The new iOS 7 Notification Center includes a Today mode that offers fast access to your info.

The new iOS 7 Notification Center includes a Today mode that offers fast access to your info.

Scrolling further down users will see reminders, but not until it is time to act on them. This means there’s no quick look at the reminders on tap for later in the day.

The day’s calendar is also shown, for a fast look at all events on tap for the day. Users can also choose to show Stock information and a Tomorrow Summary. If there are events the next day, the bottom of the tab will show what’s up first.

Users can switch the order of these and turn off any Today features they don’t like, as well as the Today mode altogether in settings. It’s not clear if Today mode is complete, or if Apple plans to tie in other aspects of the locations or third-party apps to this setting.

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The iOS 7 beta is out now for developers. Users who can deal with things not working correctly all the time can try iOS 7 now. The official iOS 7 release arrives this fall, likely with a new iPhone.



  1. Daniel

    06/19/2013 at 6:05 am

    I don’t like that you need to turn on location services for weather in order for weather to appear under notification centers today view.

  2. John

    01/15/2014 at 1:21 pm

    It’s not the forecast that I’m usually interested in, but quick access to the actual temperature. I’m in Denver and the high could be 60, but 32 and snowing at the moment.

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