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iOS 7: When Should I Upgrade my iPad or iPhone?



September 18 is release date for iOS 7 and everyone’s iPhone or iPad will look different after updating, but when should we update? Some users should hit install the moment it shows up as an over-the-air download on an iPad or iPhone. For some It’s not that simple. Different kinds of users need different things.

Let’s look at several use case scenarios for different users based on our experience running the beta version of iOS 7 for the last couple of months.

The gold master build of iOS 7 released last week feels stable and doesn’t crash much, depending on the apps users run. Some users shouldn’t worry as much about stability. Other issues will affect their decision about upgrading.

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Install the iOS 7 upgrade.

When should I install the iOS 7 upgrade

We’ve got some good advice about updating to iOS 7, like details about how to upgrade. We also offer some 7 iOS 7 Release Date Tips to help users who decide they should. Be sure to check those out before hitting install.

Hard-core iOS Users – ASAP or Later

We know of two kinds of hard-core iOS users. Some owners love their iPad more than their kids. These people can’t live without their iPhone and erase it every month or rearrange their apps and folders just for fun. These hard-core users love tinkering and will want iOS 7 as soon as possible, if they didn’t already install the beta version.

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Some love iOS 6 the way it is and think Apple should never change a thing. They should wait till the last possible moment, because iOS 7 brings a huge changes from iOS 6 in look, feel and even some functionality.

Mission Critical Users Who Make a Living on iPad or iPhone

Some people use their iPad at work, like doctors, who need their iPad to work to give good patient care. Teachers use apps to educate students while keeping records of student progress, attendance or behavior. Business users turned their iPad into a cash register. Many business iPhone users can’t afford any down time or unpredictable behavior.

business users turned ipad into point of sale devices

Some businesses use the iPad as a cash register for point of sale.

People using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for mission critical tasks should wait about a month or two before upgrading. Every new operating system brings with it behavior changes that the developers planned and behavior changes due to glitches or bugs.

Important Apps Without an Upgrade

Some apps won’t get iOS 7 compatibility updates for a while. We don’t like it, but must admit it. Sometimes that app will sit on a user’s home screen or even on their dock because they use the app all the time. The person may not use their device for mission critical tasks, but using that one app might prove more important than getting the glitz of a new operating system.

ios 7 app updates

Look in the app store to see if a favorite app works with iOS 7

Go to the App Store and check if the apps used most saw a recent update. Many did this week anticipating the new iOS release. If the app doesn’t show information about iOS 7 compatibility, go to user forums related to the app or talk to friends who use it and ask how well it runs on iOS 7. Until the user knows an app definitely runs on iOS 7, then wait.


Most jailbreakers know better than updating to a new iOS before a new jailbreak for the new version shows up. We don’t know of an iOS 7 jailbreak in the wild yet. So wait.

Some users jailbroke their iOS device  but didn’t like the experience due to iOS or app crashes. A new iOS version can make it easy to fix this problem. Follow our update How To article to fix the problem.

Low Tolerance for Pain v. Living on the Edge

Users should ask if they can tolerate the pain of certain apps not working, strange inexplicable behavior or feature changes. On the other end of the spectrum, some users love living on the edge and find these kinds of unknown behaviors exciting. The first group needs to wait till the bugs get squashed and should not upgrade till iOS 7.01 comes out in the next few weeks or months. People afraid of changes should learn how to use iOS 7 first. The second group should hit Install the moment they can.

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Temporary Roadblocks to Upgrading

Some users can’t wait to get their hands on a new version of iOS or love playing with things that break. They would normally fit one of the above scenarios where upgrading immediately makes sense, however their life includes a temporary roadblock. Examples include:

  • A job needs to get done today
  • Going on a vacation in the next day or two
  • No time at home for the next few days where they can troubleshoot problems
  • Selling their device to a friend, family member or a person who won’t want iOS 7

Wait till the roadblock clears or until the sale is final. Sellers can add value by upgrading to some customers or by keeping their device on iOS 6 for others. Offer to upgrade if the buyer wants but stay with iOS 6 until the person buys.

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