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11 iOS 8.1 Release Predictions



Tomorrow’s Apple event is heating up thanks to a leak on Apple’s website that exposed several of the company’s alleged products including an iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2. Those devices might be sharing the stage with some other products including an iOS 8.1 update for iPhone and iPad. With details swirling an event just 24 hours away, we want to make some iOS 8.1 release predictions ahead of Apple’s announcements.

Earlier this year,  Apple took the stage at its annual developer event to introduce iOS 8, its brand new operating system for iPhone and iPad. On stage, the company detailed a few of its features, announced a beta, and revealed plans to release iOS 8 to the public in the fall. Fortunately, Apple made good on all of its promises and last month, iOS 8 was released to the public for the first time.

iOS 8 isn’t as massive as last year’s iOS 7 update but it’s still an extremely important update. It delivers numerous changes and builds on the foundation that was left behind by last year’s overhaul. And while iOS 8 brought a ton of things to like, it also brought a bunch of iOS issues along with it, issues that are affecting iPhone and iPad users of all shapes and sizes.

iPhone-6 copy

In the weeks since its release, Apple users have been complaining about a myriad of iOS 8 issues. Apple attempted to stomp out those iOS 8 problems with iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 updates though problems still persist inside iOS 8.0.2. Fortunately, we know that Apple is planning to release a new update in October and that update could be iOS 8.1, an update that currently sits in Apple’s beta program.

With an Apple event scheduled for tomorrow morning and iOS 8.1 details flying around, iPhone and iPad users, especially those with iOS 8 problems, are hoping that Apple takes the curtain down from around its latest iOS 8 bug fixer. With that in mind, we want to make some final iOS 8.1 release predictions and help set the scene for iPhone and iPad users.

iOS 8.1 Announcement Tomorrow

Apple’s iOS updates often sit in the beta process for a few months before a public release which is why people are skeptical about an imminent iOS 8.1 release and announcement. What people fail to realize is that Apple’s not bound to any patterns when it comes to iOS releases. So what if iOS 7.1 spent four months in the beta process? iOS 8.1 is not iOS 7.1.


All signs point to an imminent iOS 8.1 update. Apple’s confirmed an iOS update for October. iOS 8.1 rumors are pointing to an arrival this month. iOS 8 is causing tons of problems and iOS 8.1 has bug fixes on board. iOS 8.1 also has Apple Pay support on board. Oh, and in case you weren’t convinced already, an iOS 8.1 iPad user guide leaked onto iTunes earlier today alongside the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Might Apple have been trying to steal some of Google’s Nexus thunder? We think so, yes.

We think that iOS 8.1 will be announced during tomorrow’s Apple event. It’s a big enough update to warrant an announcement on stage next to the company’s new products.

iOS 8.1: Small Part in Tomorrow’s Event

While the iOS 8.1 announcement is going to be important, we think it’s going to play a small part during tomorrow’s festivities. We think Apple’s probably going to gloss over the update with most of the focus on the new iPads and new iMacs. There’s also rumors of a new Apple TV but we’ll just have to wait and see. In any event, don’t expect iOS 8.1 to take up much of the show.

iOS 8.1 Release Date Confirmed Tomorrow

We expect Apple to detail the iOS 8.1 release date on stage tomorrow. Again, it probably won’t be a huge part of the show but we’d be shocked if Apple didn’t reveal a very specific concrete release date for this major iOS 8 upgrade. Apple typically does not mess around with tentative or vague software release dates unless the announcement is made at WWDC.

iOS 8.1 Release Date Close

If iOS 8.1 is coming on the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 like Apple says it is, well, then its release is probably pretty close. The iPad Air 2 release is rumored for October and Apple usually releases new iOS software in and around the time that it releases new hardware. The iOS 8.1 release date has been rumored for October 20th though we aren’t buying into that date just yet given how easy it is to move software release dates.

iPad Air 2

We think that the iOS 8.1 release is close and those of you struggling with iOS 8 problems should remain hopeful that we’ll see an iOS 8.1 update released tomorrow or early next week.

iOS 8 Release Time

Around 10AM PST on a weekday, per usual.

iOS 8.1 Installation Complaints

While we’re not expecting iOS 8.1 installation issues to be on par with iOS 8.0 installation issues, we still are predicting numerous complaints about the iOS 8.1 installation process. A large portion of those people are going to be 16GB iPhone and iPad users trying to install the iOS 8.1 update Over-the-Air through the devices settings.

iPad Air 2

OTA updates require a ton of free space to install and many 16GB users aren’t going to have a ton of room to work with. If you own a 16GB iPhone or iPad or if you’re nearing your storage limit on a device, you’re going to need to install through iTunes or delete a ton of files. iTunes is clearly the better option here unless you’re alright with deleting tons of your files to free up space.

Of course, we also expect to hear some other random complaints about the install process. Well, know that there are some steps to take to prevent iOS installation issues. Absorb this information before the iOS 8.1 release and you won’t find yourselves amongst the complainers.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay, Apple’s new commerce feature that’s tied into the iPhone 6’s Near-Field Communication chip, is confirmed for an arrival in October. Unsurprisingly, traces of Apple Pay have been discovered on board the iOS 8.1 beta, a sign that iOS 8.1 will be the update that ushers in Apple’s ambitious new program. At this point, we’d be shocked if iOS 8.1 wasn’t the update that delivers Apple Pay to iPhone users.

Tons of Bug Fixes

iOS 8.1 beta is full of bug fixes. iOS 8.0 and iOS 8.0.2 are both full of problems. We expect iOS 8.1 to arrive with a ton of bug fixes to fix at least some of those iOS 8 problems.

X.1 updates almost always bring a laundry list of bug fixes with them and we’re expecting nothing less from the iOS 8.1 update, especially because of how buggy iOS 8 is.

iOS 8.1 Problems

iOS 8.1 won’t be flawless because iOS updates are never flawless. While we can’t predict the exact bugs that will be on board, we can guarantee that we’ll hear tons of complaints about battery life, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi because we always hear complaints about those after every iOS update. iOS 8.1 isn’t going to be a cure-all update and that means that iPhone and iPad users should get well acquainted with our fixes for common iOS 8 problems.

No iOS 8 Jailbreak on Release Day

We still haven’t heard, or seen, any iOS 8 jailbreak rumblings so at this point, there’s no reason to get your hopes up over a quick iOS 8 jailbreak release. x.1 updates typically serve as the bridge between x.0 and the next major iOS upgrade which is why developers typically release them after the arrival of iOS x.1. It gives the jailbreaks a longer shelf life.


However, with iOS 8.1 apparently coming much earlier and two other major 8.x updates said to be on the way, we wouldn’t be surprised if the developers held back and released the jailbreak at a later date.

More iOS 8 Updates on the Way

If and when iOS 8.1 arrives, there’s a good chance that it will not be the end for iOS 8. iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 updates are rumored for arrival in 2015 and more importantly, Apple’s not going to let its software linger. It never does. iOS 8.1 is going to have some issues of its own that need to be solved.

It’s only October and we wouldn’t be shocked if Apple released another iOS 8.1.x update before the end of the year to tidy up the software ahead of the Apple Watch’s arrival in early 2015.

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1 Comment

  1. wadepmason

    10/20/2014 at 11:17 am

    iOS 8.1 Installation Complaints… Huge swing and a miss there, it’s a delta update weighing in at around 100 MB. Shouldn’t be any complaints about download size at all.

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