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iOS 8.2 Jailbreak: Stay Away From Latest Update



Apple has released iOS 8.2 officially, and it’s available to everyone right now. However, if it already isn’t impaled into your skull, you should stay away from this update if you’re jailbroken or plan to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 8.1.3 officially patched up the TaiG iOS 8 jailbreak and those carry over to iOS 8.2. A support page on Apple’s website lists the TaiG Jailbreak Team as the source for a security vulnerability that Apple patched up in iOS 8.1.3, which means that iOS 8.1.3 is unjailbreakable, and as an extension, iOS 8.2 is unjailbreakable as well.

Jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has warned all jailbreakers to stay away from the iOS 8.2 update, since it’s not jailbreakable just yet.

However, an iOS 8.2 jailbreak is looking pretty optimistic so far. The TaiG jailbreak team, which was responsible for the iOS 8.1 jailbreak, already has a jailbreak available for iOS 8.2 beta 1 and 2. However, there have been newer betas since then and Apple has closed access to the first and second betas for iOS 8.2, but the company hasn’t patched up those specific exploits, meaning that iOS 8.2 is still jailbreakable.

iOS 8.2 jailbreak

On the TaiG website, they have stated they’ve “already completed the untethered jailbreak support for iOS 8.2,” which could mean that the TaiG team already has newer exploits needed to crack iOS 8.2. Of course, TaiG won’t disclose these exploits until the jailbreak is released, but it gives us hope.

This is certainly good news, as Apple patched up the jailbreak exploits when it released iOS 8.1.3, and it was up in the air as far as when a new jailbreak would arrive, especially with iOS 8.2 releasing.

Back in January, Apple released iOS 8.1.3, which came with a handful of bug fixes and performance improvements for iPhone and iPad users, but it also patched up the TaiG jailbreak, making iOS unjailbreakable yet again.

This iOS 8.2 update is a rather big update for users interested in buying an Apple Watch, mostly because the update will be the first iOS 8 update to support the Apple’s new wearable, as the betas have included the WatchKit software development kit, allowing developers to create apps for the new smartwatch

However, at the same time, iOS 8.2 isn’t a very big update as far as new features and changes are concerned. The biggest new thing will be Apple Watch support, but that will obviously only be aimed at users who buy an Apple Watch when it releases on April 24.


This probably means that Apple has simply transferred the exploit fixes from iOS 8.1.3 over to iOS 8.2, with the TaiG team already having new exploits in the chamber ready to release alongside the iOS 8.2 launch.

Of course, jailbreak developers have claimed to have successfully jailbroken beta versions of iOS updates in the past, but rarely do those jailbreaks make it to the public release before Apple patches them up. Luckily, that isn’t necessarily the case here.

We’ll likely see iOS 8.2 release very shortly, but it’ll ultimately be up to TaiG.

TaiG’s jailbreak of iOS 8.1.1 that was released back in December was also compatible with the iOS 8.2 beta at the time.

If you already updated to iOS 8.1.3, you’ll have to wait it out until a new jailbreak arrives for iOS 8.2, and the timeline for that may not be that long. You were able to downgrade back to iOS 8.1.2 for a short time, but that gap has unfortunately been closed.

If you’re still on iOS 8.1.2, you can jailbreak your device easily using TaiG’s jailbreak tool. The process only takes a few minutes.

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