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iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2: Impressions & Performance



Yesterday during its Spring Forward event, Apple revealed its plan to replace iOS 8.1.3 with a brand new iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that delivers the Apple Watch app, new enhancements and bug fixes. It’s a substantial update for the iPad and we want take a look at how the iOS 8.2 update is performing on the iPad mini 2. This is our early iPad mini 2 iOS 8.2 review.

During the tail end of last year, Apple released its iOS 8.2 update into the closed beta program for developers. The release confirmed an upcoming release for iOS 8 powered iPhones, iPads and iPod touches though it did not confirm a specific iOS 8.2 release date. Apple only announces iOS release dates when it announces them alongside new hardware.

In the months that followed the initial iOS 8.2 beta release, Apple released several more iOS 8.2 beta updates in an attempt to snuff out potential problems and ensure a smooth transition from its iOS 8.1.3 update. Yesterday, during an event for new hardware, Apple finally announced the iOS 8.2 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

As expected, the iOS 8.2 update is a big one for iOS 8 users. It brings the new Apple Watch app to the iPhone ahead of the Apple Watch release and it delivers a number of other enhancements including changes to the Health application, fixes for the Mail app, and a number of other bug fixes that are meant to alleviate lingering iOS 8 problems. It’s the biggest update since Apple’s iOS 8.1 update.

As many of you know, incremental updates like iOS 8.2 have the potential to have a huge impact on performance. iOS 8.0.1, for example, killed Touch ID and cellular data on the iPhone 6. That’s why we take a look at these smaller updates. We want to provide you with feedback.

After some preparation, I installed Apple’s brand new iOS 8.2 update in an effort to provide you iPhone and iPad users with some initial impressions of Apple’s new software. These impressions don’t serve as a final review but they will help those of you who are straddling the fence about whether to install the company’s latest iOS 8 upgrade.

Here are my early impressions of iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2.

iOS 8.2 Installation

The iOS 8.2 update for iPad mini 2 is nearly 400MB in size. That’s big for an incremental iOS update. Naturally, the iOS 8.2 update took a little bit longer to install on the slate. Your standard iOS bug fixer usually takes around 15 minutes to install. This update took around 30 minutes on a high-end speed Wi-Fi connection.



Keep in mind, I installed the update during peak hours yesterday so there’s a very good chance that it will take you far less time to get up and running. Still, I suggest putting aside some time to ensure a smooth installation. I didn’t run into any problems during the process though there’s always a chance that you might.

If your iOS 8.2 download abruptly stops, perform a reset on the iPad mini 2. Hold down the power button and home button for 10 seconds and the device should reboot. That should push the installation process along if it somehow hits a snag. Most of you won’t run into problems.

iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2 Performance

I’ve spent several hours with iOS 8.2 on iPad mini 2. Before getting into the early review of performance, I should note that mileage is going to vary from device to device, person to person. That is to say, I probably don’t have the same apps installed and there’s a chance that I use Google Chrome, LTE, or my home screen more than you do. So, consider this a general guide as you try to decide whether iOS 8.2 is worth installing on your iPad mini 2.


I haven’t experienced many app problems after getting iOS 8 on board my devices, especially not on the iPad. The iPad mini 2 has held up well during its stint on iOS 8 and iOS 8.2 upholds that standard. At least for now.

So far, I haven’t run into any major problems with any of my applications. Slack, Asana, Instagram, Twitter, Dark Sky, Google Chrome, Google Hangouts, YouTube, and Spotify are some of my core applications on the iPad Air. All of them are performing well after the move to iOS 8.2. I have around 70 or so apps on board the iPad mini 2 and I haven’t run into any noticeable issues. There’s always a chance that something could pop up but app problems typically make themselves known immediately after an upgrade.

iPad Tips and Tricks - iPad mini

If you do see abnormal app activity after installing iOS 8.2 on the iPad Air, or if you’re seeing problems right now on iOS 8.1.3 or below, my suggestion is to install the latest bug fix updates. If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, contact the developer so that they’re aware of the problem or problems.

iOS 8.2 Battery Life

iPad mini 2 battery life has been solid throughout my time with iOS 8 and nothing has changed with the arrival of iOS 8.2. I’m still getting excellent battery life and I don’t expect that to change in the hours, days, weeks, or months ahead.

While it’s still a very new update, iOS 8.2 is performing well. I haven’t noticed any peculiar battery drain and the device is still holding a very solid charge on standby mode.

iOS updates are never supposed to bring battery life problems to iPhones or iPads. In my experience, bad battery life is usually caused by third-party apps or by users themselves.

I’ve outlined a number of strategies to get better battery life on iOS 8.1.3 and the same advice applies to Apple’s iOS 8.2 update. Have a look at those if you install iOS 8.2 and you start noticing issues with your iPad’s battery life. Most of you won’t run into problems but if you do, there are a few fixes to try.

Wi-Fi, LTE & Bluetooth

Wi-Fi, LTE and Bluetooth are all essential to my iPad mini 2 experience and thankfully, all three are performing admirably after the move from iOS 8.1.3 to iOS 8.2.

Wi-Fi is still very strong, I tried connecting the device to several different routes, and that’s good because I mainly use this device when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Occasionally, I’ll use LTE and when I do, AT&T’s network typically doesn’t let me down. It hasn’t let me down with iOS 8.2 on board and it still delivers fast speeds.

Gelaskins iPad mini Retina Skins

Bluetooth is also still very solid and I’ve managed to get the slate hooked up to several different Bluetooth powered devices including the Bose Soundlink Mini, a device I use every single day.

Bugs & Issues

My iOS 8 experience on the iPad mini 2 has been extremely stable. I haven’t noticed any issues on the iOS 8.2 update though it’s still very early and bugs will often turn up days, weeks or sometimes even months after an update’s release. So I can’t say that iOS 8.2 is bug-free on the iPad mini 2 but what I can say is that I haven’t run into anything yet.


The iPad mini 2 has always been very fast with iOS 8 on board and iOS 8.2 doesn’t change anything. It’s still extremely fluid and I’ve yet to encounter any sluggishness or slowdown when navigating through my home screens or folders.

Should You Install iOS 8.2 Today?

Yes, if you are dealing with unfixable iOS 8 problems on your iPad mini 2. iOS 8.2 appears to be extremely stable and on top of that, it brings a ton of fixes and enhancements to the iPad. It could solve your problems.

iPad Air vs iPad mini -  7

If you aren’t having problems, my advice is to wait a day or two for the smoke to settle. That way, you can gather feedback from other iPad mini users who have taken the plunge. Gather feedback and then come to an informed decision. iOS 8.2 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so there’s no need to rush into the installation process.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ian Bryant

    03/14/2015 at 2:08 pm

    Beware Updating iphone 4s to ios 8.2 has left me with a blank screen and rendered the phone useless usual restore re-set etc not working wtill with apple support trying to fix it !!!!!

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