iOS 8.4 Release: What to Expect in June
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iOS 8.4 Release: What to Expect in June



The iOS 8.4 release is rumored to be getting closer which means that interest amongst iPhone and iPad users is starting to grow. We already know quite a bit about the update itself but its release remains a bit of a mystery. With that in mind, we want to make some final predictions as we approach the month of June. Here’s what we expect from the iOS 8.4 release in June.

In April, Apple made two big announcements. The first was the iOS 8.4 update, an update that will be coming to replace the iOS 8.3 update in the future. Apple didn’t take to its website or a stage to make the announcement. Instead, it confirmed the update via an iOS 8.4 beta release for developers. The iOS 8.4 beta has since spread to those in the public Beta Software program.

Apple also made another big announcement. In April, the company confirmed the dates for WWDC 2015, its annual event for developers. In its announcement, the company noted that it will be there that developers “learn about the future of iOS and OS X.”

iPad Air 2 iOS 8.3 Review - 1

iOS 8.4 is the future of iOS 8 but it’s not the future of iOS. That honor will go to iOS 9, an update that’s expected to arrive during Apple’s keynote on June 8th. With two iOS updates slated for arrival, it should come as no surprise to learn that interest amongst iPhone and iPad users has picked up.

Apple hasn’t outlined all of the details but iOS 8.4 details continue to flow in the build up to the company’s big keynote address in San Francisco.

With an iOS 8.4 release gainging ground, we want to take a look at some of the things we expect from Apple and the iOS 8.4 release in June. This will help set your own expectations as we push deeper into the month of May and closer to Apple big day.

This assumes that Apple will announce the iOS 8.4 update on stage during WWDC 2015. While that’s not confirmed, all signs point to an iOS 8.4 launch next month.

iOS 8.4 Beta Release in June

We continue to get all sorts of questions about the iOS 8.4 beta and the iOS 8.4 release date. Apple isn’t talking about its plans for the beta or release just yet but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make some educated guesses about how the release might play out.

Apple’s iOS 8.4 release continues to gain steam. Last week, the company released the third iOS 8.4 beta for developers and the second to those that were able to get into the Beta Software program. We’re still not sure how many iOS 8.4 beta updates are left though we’d be surprised if Apple failed to release one in June.

Credible reports indicate that Apple is planning to announce a new Apple Music streaming service as part of the new music application that’s set to come with iOS 8.4. If the service is announced on stage and confirmed for iOS 8.4 like it should be, then we’d expect Apple to release a final iOS 8.4 beta in June. If it does, we’d expect to see it arrive in and around June 8th (maybe on June 8th).

This would give the company and its testers enough time to dig into the service and iron out any bugs or issues with the update ahead of a public release later this year. We’d expect that beta to be the final one unless something goes horribly wrong.

iOS 8.4 Release Details on Stage

We expect iOS 8.4 to share the stage with iOS 9. Rumors have all pointed to an arrival at WWDC and there’s no reason to believe that an announcement will come any earlier, not when the update is expected to tie into Apple’s unannounced streaming music service.

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You should also expect Apple to share iOS 8.4 release details on stage during the event, even if the details are extremely vague. Apple will almost certainly tag the streaming music service with some kind of release window or date and if iOS 8.4 is the update that’s bringing it to millions of people around the world, we should hear something.

We’re not expecting the focus to be on the release date, it’s usually a blip during Apple’s events, but we’d expect there to be something announced on stage to help set consumer expectations.

iOS 8.4 Release Date in Late June

An iOS 8.4 release date isn’t confirmed and rumors have yet to establish an exact date. That said, a report from 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman states that Apple is planning to release the iOS 8.4 update in late June. The timing, at least to us, makes a lot of sense. It gives Apple time to polish the streaming music service and the iOS 8.4 update itself.

Gurman has been incredibly accurate with his information in the past so there’s no reason to think that Apple is planning a release before WWDC, at WWDC or immediately after WWDC. iOS 8.4 beta has laid the groundwork for Apple’s big push into music and it will be released next month to replace iOS 8.3.

Standard iOS Release

Expect your standard iOS release. Expect iOS 8.4 to arrive in and around 9:30PST. Expect it to arrive for everyone at once. And finally, don’t expect to see the same type of post-release chaos that plagues big iOS releases.

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While the iOS 9 release will probably be hampered by slow servers and download problems, incremental updates typically don’t command the same kind of attention. We could see a few more than usual given that it’s arriving on stage at WWDC with a huge spotlight but we’re not anticipating the kind of madness that we saw with iOS 8 and iOS 7.

No iOS 8.4.1 Update in June

Do not expect to see an iOS 8.4.1 update in June unless Apple’s music services are plagued by serious bugs or the iOS 8.4 update turns devices into paperweights like iOS 8.0.1 did last year. The iOS 8.4 beta process has outed a number of problems and we expect Apple and its testers to squash most of them ahead of the public release.

While this is only a prediction, we still recommend taking a look at the most common iOS 8 problems on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That way, if you do run into some issues after the update, you’re not going to panic or beg Apple for a new iOS 8.4.1 release.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Apple released an iOS 8.4.1 update between the iOS 8.4 release and the arrival of iOS 9 but we’d be surprised if it landed in late June.

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Details Next Month

While many people are still hoping for an iOS 8.3 jailbreak release, we sincerely doubt that the developers behind the popular iOS 8 jailbreaks will release one. Not with the iOS 8.4 release just weeks away.

iOS 8.2 jailbreak

At least one developer has successfully jailbroken iOS 8.4 which is a great sign. It doesn’t mean that a jailbreak will be released right when iOS 8.4 is released to the public but it means that the odds of an iOS 8.4 jailbreak release in the future are pretty good.

We would expect to see some iOS 8.4 jailbreak release details emerge in June. Even if it’s developers telling jailbreakers to stay away from iOS 8.4 and its security enhancements.

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