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iOS 8 Beta Registration Promises Early Access for $8



The iOS 8 beta will arrive right after the WWDC 2014 kickoff on June 2nd if Apple sticks to the normal plans and offers developers day one access to the new version of iOS 8, and a popular service is back to let average iPhone owners pay $8 to be a part of the iOS 8 beta program.

WWDC is a developer event in San Francisco where Apple shows off a new version of iOS and then shows developers how the features work. In order to make the training and learning easier Apple normally offers a developer beta of the app within hours of the announcement. We expect to see an iOS 8 beta by the end of the day on June 2nd.

Apple requires users that want to use the iOS 8 beta to register as an iOS developer with Apple. This is a $99 fee for a year of access to betas and development software as well as access to sell apps on the iTunes App Store. This is more than many regular users want to pay, which is where several services step in to add users to their developer account around $8.

In order to install the iOS 8 beta users will likely need to register their iPhone’s UDID with the service. This is a unique identifier that tells Apple this device is capable of running the iOS 8 beta. Apple just opened up an OS X Beta program to the public, but it is unlikely that Apple is planning a public iOS 8 beta on June 2nd. Occasionally someone figures out a trick to install the iOS beta without a UDID registration, but it’s simpler and more reliable to register your device if you want to use the beta.

Register for the IOS 8 beta today for just $8.

Register for the IOS 8 beta today for just $8.

The only Apple approved method of registering for the iOS 8 beta is to join the Apple Developer Program, but the most popular iOS beta registration site is back to offer access to the iOS 8 beta for just $8. Keep in mind that Apple could shut down this service, and has shut down some others in the past, but for the last several years IMZDL provided the fastest and most reliable UDID registrations for iOS betas.

In an announcement on Twitter and on the main page IMZDL proclaims, “Due to popular request, the largest source of Apple betas is back!” The service boasts, “Do not miss the chance to try the new iOS 8 beta! Register your UDID now with us!”

This is similar to the announcement in 2013 for the iOS beta registration ahead of WWDC. The UDID registration is $8 from IMZDL and it is valid for one year. Some users that used an iOS beta last year will still likely be covered for the first iOS 8 beta, but unless they register for a new year future iOS 8 beta updates may fail.

If you plan to get the iOS 8 beta on June 2nd when Apple likely releases it you should register your UDID before the event as it takes a few hours to register the UDID sometimes and the IMZDL service typically slows down as the release arrives and many users want access to the iOS betas.

The UDID is a 40 digit code that is unique to your iPhone. The free UDID Sender app is the easiest way to get your iPhone’s UDID right from the device. Otherwise you will need to plug in to iTunes -> Click on the iPhone name -> Look for the Summary Tab -> Click where it says Serial Number -> this will change to show the device UDID. Copy that number and past it into IMZDL.

How to find your UDID to register for the iOS 8 beta early.

How to find your UDID to register for the iOS 8 beta early.

You will need to register the UDID from each device you want to run the iOS 8 beta on, as the registration is tied to one device. If you have an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch you will need to register each of them at $8 a piece. Keep in mind Apple did not yet announce the iOS 8 beta or the devices it will support. There is a good chance the iOS 8 beta will not run on the iPad 2, iPhone 4 or other older devices.

If you are not a developer you should think before installing the iOS 8 beta. Apple recommends not installing it on a primary device as iOS betas often come with bugs that can decrease battery life performance and sometimes prevent apps from working. If you can not deal with this you should not use the iOS 8 beta. While using the iOS 8 beta users should not leave app reviews about apps that don’t work. The beta is there for developers to update apps for iOS 8 in time for a public release. Normally it is possible to downgrade from the iOS beta to an earlier version, but any iOS 8 backups won’t restore to a phone on iOS 7.1.1.

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If Apple follows history expect to see an iOS 8 beta on June 2nd followed by many iOS 8 beta updates through the summer and early fall. An iOS 8 release date for the public will likely arrive two days ahead of an iPhone 6 release. iOS 8 rumors point to new Siri features, small tweaks to performance and new apps including a HealthBook app that can track health and fitness.



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