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iOS 8 Concept Imagines Amazing Feature



The iOS 8 release is months away at least but that hasn’t stopped designers from drawing up what they’d like to see from Apple’s next iOS update for iPhone and iPad. The latest iOS 8 concept imagines an amazing Mission Control feature that combines iOS 7’s Control Center with the software’s multitasking feature.

Apple’s next big iOS update is expected to be iOS 7.1, a major update to the current iOS 7 operating system, and an update that is expected to touch down in March. iOS 7.1 will likely serve as a bridge between iOS 7 and whatever comes next.

The next iOS update for iPhone and iPad is rumored to be a brand new iOS 8 update that is focused on health and fitness. It’s still not clear when the update will emerge though given Apple’s pattern, it could be that the update touches down at WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference in San Francisco.

With the iOS 8 update likely far out in the distance, designers have begun dreaming up their own interpretations and visions of Apple’s brand new iOS software. We’ve seen two iOS 8 concepts in particular that envision how the health and fitness rumors might wind up looking inside of the new update.


Today, thanks to TheTechBlock, we’re looking at something different. Bill Labus from Dribbble has created an iOS 8 concept feature called Mission Control that doesn’t exist in the rumor mill but would likely be a welcomed addition to any iOS 8 update that rolls out in the future.

Labus, like many iPhone and iPad users, uses two iOS 7 features, in particular, on a regular basis. Those two features, Control Center and the new multitasking feature, were both introduced with Apple’s iOS 7 update back in September.

While he enjoys Control Center, he isn’t a huge fan of the new multitasking found in iOS 7. Here is how he sets up his iOS 8 concept feature that he calls Mission Control.

Unfortunately, I find double-clicking the home button to be irritating- there’s a noticeable delay between the second click and the multitasking view appearing, and in my haste I often accidentally triple-click the home button, forcing me to wait while the OS bounces into, and back out of, multitasking. Control Center’s bottom edge gesture is far faster and easier to perform, however as I said I do use Control Center frequently as well, so I wouldn’t necessarily want to swap the two and use the home button double click to bring up Control Center.

Labus’ remedy for his issue is Mission Control, a feature that is part Control Center, part multitasking. The feature can be seen, in detail, in the video below.

Instead of tapping on the home button, this new hybrid feature is pulled up from the bottom of the device, just like Control Center, where users are then given access to shortcuts and to their open applications. Labus does strip out the brightness slider though he does suggest that it could replace the volume slider in the future.

He also includes customizable Control Center slots where users can input their most used shortcuts. This would allow iPhone and iPad users to eliminate the features that they use the least.

All in all, it’s a solid idea and one that iPhone and iPad users alike could buy into, though again, it’s just a concept and probably won’t be used by Apple inside the real iOS 8.



  1. rahul

    02/25/2014 at 12:33 am

    Its great to hear that its going to come in iphone and ipad but how it is going to be focus on health and fitness?

  2. kathyneil

    02/25/2014 at 9:59 pm

    i love the concept and best part is we will control everything from bottom of the device. Hope Apple include this feature in iOS 8

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