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iOS 8 Concept Brings Leaks to Life



The iOS 8 release is still months away at best, but thanks to a steady flow of rumors about iOS 8 features and possible iWatch connectivity we are starting to see iOS 8 concepts arrive that build on leaks, not just designer wishes.

iOS 8 is reportedly bringing a focus on health tracking that will tie into sensors on the iWatch or iPhone 6 to allow users to better manage not just fitness but overall health.

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In late January 9to5Mac shared a collection of iOS 8 details including the code name for the new iOS 8 app that will help users track their fitness and a collection of other health related criteria that could put a lot of useful data in consumer hands.

Building on that iOS 8 leak and the information shared about the app code-named HealthBook, Carlos Quijano created an iOS 8 concept showing what the new iOS 8 app might look like. The app uses pages similar to PassBook to show many different health and fitness items.

From the description given by 9t05Mac and this iOS 8 concept we get a look at an app that could potentially manage many aspects of the iPhone user’s health and fitness from activity levels to important health stats like blood pressure, hydration and more, as well as server as a one stop shop for diet and medication information. The app shows that the iPhone is connected to an iWatch.

A new iOS 8 concept brings rumors to life, showing a health and fitness app.

A new iOS 8 concept brings rumors to life, showing a health and fitness app.

In the iOS 8 concept we see a collection of cards that a user could tap on to see more information, like the mockup shown to the right where there is a collection of interesting data available as well as an image to show recent workout areas. According to a new 9to5Mac report this is “vaguely” the right idea according to the publication’s sources. The look and the name of the iOS 8 app could change completely before the iOS 8 release, so don’t expect to see this exact app on an iPhone 6 or iWatch.

Apple reportedly met with the FDA in December and is rapidly hiring experts in fitness, wearables, sleep and activity tracking which will likely play a role in a sensor packed iWatch that could potentially track the following pieces of data.

  • steps taken
  • calories burned
  • miles walked
  • weight loss
  • blood pressure
  • hydration levels
  • heart rate
  • glucose levels (potentially)
  • Medication tracking with reminders

The iOS 8 release is shaping up to be a major step up in the health and fitness area for Apple, which up until now allowed third-party accessories and apps to serve consumer needs. Apple routinely adds new iOS features in major updates that duplicate or extend the functions offered by third party applications. If iOS 8 includes the necessary connectivity we could see third-party devices make use of some of these new tracking details and HealthBook, but it would not be surprising to see Apple keep users tied to an iWatch for a full experience.

Before the iOS 8 release consumers will see an iOS 7.1 release in the next month or so that delivers fixes to common iOS 7 problems and several more user interface changes. We should see the first signs of iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 which could take place in June. The iOS 8 release will likely arrive near an iPhone 6 release date that some rumors suggest will take place in the fall and others in the summer.

An iWatch will likely arrive in a similar timeframe, but as the report¬†points out Apple will likely need to work with multiple governments for approval on the health portions of an iWatch which could mean a new timeline for an announcement and full reveal. Apple typically announces new hardware and starts selling it within weeks, but perhaps the regulations will push Apple’s hand and extend the time between Apple showing the iWatch to the world and it arriving on consumer’s wrists.

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