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50 iOS 8 Cydia Tweaks for iPhone



The iOS 8 jailbreak has been officially out and available for all iPhones and iPads that are capable of running iOS 8 for a while now. Here are 50 iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that you should consider installing.

The TaiG dev team is responsible for the latest jailbreak and they’re a recent addition to the jailbreak community, first breaking into the scene with the release of an iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak. They have since updated it to support iOS 8.1.2, which is the most up-to-date jailbreakable version. Unfortunately, iOS 8.1.3 is unjailbreakable.

The iOS 8 jailbreak from Pangu, however, is also still running strong on devices that are on iOS 8.1. The Pangu dev team is also a recent addition to the jailbreak community, breaking into the scene with their iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak back in June of last year shortly after the update released from Apple.

If you haven’t had the chance to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad yet and are wanting to do it, we highly recommend it, as the latest TaiG jailbreak is very stable and most popular jailbreak tweaks are compatible with the latest version of iOS by now.

With that said, here are 50 iOS 8 Cydia tweaks that you should try out right now.

Springtomize 3

Springtomize is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks around, and the developers behind the app have recently updated it to work with iOS 8. There are a whole heap of customizations that you can make to you iOS device with this app, including hiding unused apps, resizing icons, creating nested folders, changing fonts and much more.


Springtomize essentially gets rid of the need for multiple single-purpose jailbreak tweaks and puts them all into one app that you can buy for just a couple of dollars. It’s certainly one of the best deals in the Cydia store.


Activator is pretty much a must when it comes to the iOS 8 Cydia tweaks, as it lets you do so much with your jailbroken device.


For example, you can set up shortcuts for just about anything, like activating the LED flashlight with a triple-click of the Home button, or activate Siri using another button instead of having to hold down the Home button.

The possibilities are pretty much endless with Activator and we’re glad it was one of the initial apps to get iOS 8 support.


Web browsing in Safari on an iOS device is really fast compared to using a third-party option because Apple blocks third-party apps from using its Nitro Javascript Engine. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.


Nitrous is a really nice jailbreak tweak that gives third-party apps access to the Nitro Javascript Engine. Any app that accesses the internet and uses a webkit browser (Chrome, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can take advantage of Nitrous, and in some cases, this can result in over three-times the performance boost than without Nitrous.

Browser Changer

If you’re not fond of the Safari web browser, you thankfully don’t have to use it. Google Chrome is a good third-party option that you can use on iOS. However, when opening up web links from different apps, they’ll open up in Safari, since that’s the default browser.


Browser Changer fixes that and tells all web links in any app to open in the web browser of your choice, allowing you to get that freedom back that you deserve.

Browser Chooser is also a similar jailbreak tweak that accomplishes the same thing. Feel free to check out both.


For some folks with sensitive eyes, the dimmest point of the iPhone and iPad backlight just isn’t dim enough, especially when you’re in bed at night. A jailbreak tweak called Dimmer allows you to break that threshold and dim your screen even further, even to the point where it seems like the backlight is barely on.


However, the tweak does leave it open for users to completely black out the screen, but there’s a safety feature that allows you brighten it back up by tapping on the volume up button four times in quick succession to bring the brightness back.


iOS 8 comes with the multitasking tray and app switcher that you should be familiar with from iOS 7. While it’s much better than iOS 6’s app switcher, it still comes with its downsides, with the most-notable downside being the inability to kill all apps at once.


A jailbreak tweak called SwitchSpring allows you to quit all apps that are open, as well as the ability to restart your iOS device (as opposed to shutting it down and turning it back on).

To activate SwitchSpring, all you have to do is swipe up on your home screen while you’re in the app switcher and you’ll be able to quit all apps or restart your device. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of apps open and don’t want to bother with closing all of them out one at a time.

Icon Tool

Icon Tool is the mother of jailbreak tweaks when it comes to the options you have when managing apps and their data.

Triple-tapping an icon when it’s in jiggle mode will bring up a menu with a bevy of options to choose from, including opening the app in iFile, clearing the app’s cache, clearing any notification badges, backing up the app’s data, restoring the app’s data and even renaming the icon.

It essentially adds a ton of new features to the home screen, giving you access to a bunch of cool shortcuts for apps.


Are you a fan of the vibration feedback when typing out text messages on the keyboard? It’s certainly a lot better than the annoying keyboard clicks on the iPhone. You can easily silence the clicks on iOS settings, but what if you still long for some kind of keyboard feedback with every key stroke?


This is where HapticPro comes in. This tweak gives you the same awesome vibration feedback as Android when using the keyboard, but it also allows you to customize it greatly. You can choose how long each vibration with every key stroke lasts, and also when you want vibration feedback throughout iOS.

For example, you can enable HapticPro on just the keyboard, or you can enable on every single tap you make on the touch screen.


If you ever need to fake your location on your iPhone or iPad to bypass blackouts or get your way around country restrictions in streaming apps, LocationFaker is a great app for that, and it’s available for iOS 8 devices.


LocationFaker8 replaces your device’s own GPS location data with a fake location that you can choose yourself by using a map in the app to select any location you want.

You can also choose which apps will use a fake location and which apps to use your real location so that Google Maps doesn’t think you’re in another state when you really aren’t, as that could make directions an interesting experience.


Battery life is something that all smartphone users worry about, but an iOS 8 Cydia tweak helps to get as much out of your battery as possible by disabling battery-hungry features when your iPhone is almost out of juice.


Bloomua /

With BatterySafe, users can customize how it works by choosing which features get auto-switched to off when the battery runs low, like WiFi and Bluetooth, as well as having your iPhone automatically dim the display so that the battery will just a bit longer.

Of course, you can adjust these settings manually from the Control Center, and that in itself is pretty easy and quick to do, but if you’re all about the automation, BatterySafe is worth a look.


SlideForUsage takes advantages of the swipe down gesture in the multitasking tray and allows users to see app information when they swipe down on the app in the app switcher. Information includes when the app was last opened, how long it was used for when it was last opened, and the total duration of how long the app has been used over a period of time.


We like this jailbreak tweak a lot because it adds something to the iOS 8 experience without getting in the way or adding clutter to the user interface. It’s not useful in all cases, but it can be a good tweak to have to see if anyone’s been snooping around on your phone while you went to the restroom.


With iOS, you can’t change default apps, which can be a bit of an annoyance, especially when you want Siri to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. Apple Maps is good and all, but it still has nothing on Google Maps.


Luckily, there’s a jailbreak tweak called MapsOpener that changes the default maps app to Google Maps. That way any links to maps will open in Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. However, one of the big caveats to this tweak is that navigating to a destination using Siri will still open Apple Maps.

This isn’t a huge deal if you don’t use Siri that often, but I know I prefer to just tell Siri to “take me to [destination]” and it gives me directions just like that. It’s too bad it doesn’t work with Google Maps.


Fav is a simple, yet effective jailbreak tweak that adds some functionality to the left-swipe that used to bring up Spotlight Search in past iOS versions, but was reassigned to the down-swipe in iOS 7.


The tweak allows you to set a specific app to launch when you do a left-swipe, so if you use Gmail and check it often, assigning Gmail to the left-swipe makes it quick and easy to access your email whenever you need it.

I’ve always been looking for ways to utilize the left-swipe ever since iOS 7 was released and Fav might just be the tweak that I’ve been looking for all these months.


With the introduction of the iPhone 5s last year, Apple officially launched its Touch ID fingerprint sensor, but the lock screen still says “Swipe to Unlock,” which is an outdated term now that we have Touch ID. However, a new tweak looks to change that.


LockGlyph removes the “Slide to Unlock” text and replaces it with Apple Pay’s scan icon. We have to admit, it looks pretty cool on the lock screen, and it updates the lock screen a bit to cater it more towards devices that have Touch ID, reminding you that you don’t actually have to slide to unlock.


The built-in Music app doesn’t let you queue up music, which is kind of a bummer for those who want the feature, but UpNext is a jailbreak tweak that adds that functionality.


The tweak allows you to queue songs in the default Music app, similar to how you can do it in iTunes on Mac.

With the tweak enabled, swiping left on a song brings up two options: Play Next and Queue, where the latter will add the song to the front of the queue and the former will add the song to the end of the queue. The tweak will even let you manage your queue and rearrange or delete songs from it.


Have you ever found it annoying when you call someone on your iPhone and you’re not sure if they picked up or not? Maybe their “hello?” didn’t go through? A new simple tweak adds a handy feature that helps with this.


CallConnect does one simple thing. It sends a faint vibration to your iPhone when a call finally connects. You’ll hear a couple of rings and then when the other person picks up, your iPhone will slightly vibrate, telling you that the other person is connected and that you can begin talking.

It’s a tweak that not everyone will absolutely need, but it’s useful to have at times.


In the past we’ve mentioned a jailbreak tweak called BioProtect, which allows you to password-protect certain apps using your fingerprint so that you can only access them by scanning your finger using the Touch ID home button, but a jailbreak tweak called BioLockdown is cheaper and offers more features and settings to play around with than BioProtect.


Not only can you lock apps with a fingerprint, but you can also restrict certain settings and only enable them with the scan of your finger. For instance, if you don’t want others disabling WiFi when they get a hold of your phone, you can set a fingerprint lock on that toggle to prevent others from disabling the WiFi, and the same goes for other toggles and even shutting down the device itself.


Holding down the power button on your iPhone for a couple of seconds brings up the prompt to shut down your iPhone, but wouldn’t it be nice if it gave you other options as well, like rebooting and respringing?


BetterPowerDown is a jailbreak tweak that gives you these extra options in the power down menu. It’s a really simple tweak, but it adds way more convenience to your iPhone’s power options, especially since Apple doesn’t let you reboot or respring your iPhone by default.


One of the niftiest Touch ID jailbreak tweak making the rounds is UnlockID, which allows users to unlock their Mac computer with their Touch ID-enabled iPhone or iPad.


UnlockID can also store website passwords and will automatically fill them in using your fingerprint whenever you visit a password-protected website in your browser of choice on your Mac.

Of course, you could just have your web browser remember your passwords for you, but if you’re a bit paranoid about others getting on your computer and logging into your Facebook account, UnlockID can be the perfect companion to prevent such a thing from ever happening.

Virtual Home

The first-ever Cydia tweak to take advantage of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor was Virtual Home, and the idea behind it is to save some of the stress load that you would normally put on the iPhone’s Home button — clicking it dozens of times per day, or even more.

Instead, with Virtual Home, you can simulate a Home button press by just tapping on the Home button using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Tapping the Home button once will take users back to the home screen, while tapping and holding it will launch the multitasking tray/app switcher.

While you may think that this tweak would have trouble activating Siri, it is possible. A reader has mentioned in the past that you can set either “Tap and Hold” or “Double Tap” to multitask, sleep, do nothing and Siri.


While BioLockdown prevents you from opening apps without a fingerprint authorization, Touchy actually launches apps with a scan of the finger.

Furthermore, using Touch ID’s abilities to detect specific fingers, Touchy can launch certain apps according to which finger you scan. For example, you can have the Facebook app open when you scan your index finger and have the Twitter app launch whenever you scan your pinky finger.

Unfortunately, Touchy only supports up to five assignments, which is one app to every finger for one hand. We’d like to see the ability for ten different app assignments, but we certainly can’t complain with what we have now.


The Photos app in iOS 8 comes with a new folder called “Recently Deleted,” which takes photos that you delete and puts them in this folder.


The Recently Deleted folder is put into action when a user deletes a photo. The deleted photo automatically gets put into the Recently Deleted folder, meaning that it’s not truly deleted from your iPhone or iPad. So in order to truly delete a photo off of your iOS 8 device, you have to essentially delete it twice, which is less than convenient.

It’s easy to see why a feature like this is worth having in iOS, as it prevents users from accidentally deleting photos, and if they do delete them, they’re easily recoverable. It’s essentially like having a Recycle Bin right on your iPhone. However, for some users, it’s just annoying. This is where NoRecentlyDeleted comes in handy.

This tweak gets rid of the Recently Deleted folder, so once you delete a photo, it’s gone forever, just like how it was in iOS 7.

No Photos Collection

The nice thing about older versions of iOS is how simple the Photos app was to browse photos. One of the biggest annoyances in the Photos app in recent iOS versions is the Collections tab, which many users avoid using.


A simple jailbreak tweak called NoPhotosCollection gets rid of the Collections section in the Photos app, that way you can go back to browsing photos the old-fashioned way for a simpler interface. Plus, it makes the Photos app a lot easier to navigate and gets rid of the clutter.

Disable Frequently Visited Sites

In Safari on iOS 8, the “New Tab” lists Favorite websites, as well as Recently Visited websites. If you’re like me, you don’t need to be reminded about which sites you recently visited.


That’s where a tweaks appropriately called “Disable Frequently Visited Site” comes in handy. While some users find this section in Safari to be useful at times, a lot of users simply don’t use the Recently Visited section, so getting rid of it is something that you may want to consider. This tweak allows you to do just that.

There are no settings to adjust or anything. Simply just download and install the tweak, and you’ll see that the Recently Visited section is no longer visible in Safari.


iMessage in iOS 8 comes with the ability to send instant audio messages to friends and family, but if you don’t use this feature, it mostly just gets in the way.


NoAudioRecorder removes the microphone icon in iMessage so that you don’t accidentally tap on it and send an audio message by accident. While it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, it only takes one time to accidentally send an embarrassing audio message to a friend.

No Page Bounce

If you’re like me and only have one or two pages of apps on the iOS 8 springboard, you don’t spend a lot of time scrolling side to side finding an app, and one annoyance that I’ve found is that iOS 8 still does that rubber band effect even when I try to scroll past the end of the app pages.


It’s really not a huge deal, but it’s a worthless UI effect, and No Page Bounce is a tweak that disables that rubber band effect at the end of the app pages, so when you do try to scroll past the last page it won’t do anything.


One little feature in iOS that has annoyed me for the longest time was the fact that you had to tap Close twice in order to get rid of a notification. Not anymore!


NCSingleTapClear fixes this and allows you to simply just get rid of a notification with one tap. We can see how the two-tap system works as far as confirming the deletion of a notification and it probably prevents many accidental notification dismissals, but I rarely come across this myself, so I simply just installed this tweak and it makes my life a lot more convenient.


A good passcode on your iOS device is crucial for keeping it secure when your iPhone or iPad ever becomes lost or stolen. However, it can be a nuisance at times, especially when you’re at home when the chances of your device getting lost or stolen are very slim.


This is where CleverPin comes in. This tweak intelligently recognizes when you’re on your home WiFi network and disables the passcode lock to reflect that. Then, once you leave the house, CleverPin enables your device’s passcode lock, since the chances of you losing your device are greater when you’re out and about.

We wonder how a feature like this isn’t built into iOS since Apple is all about convenience, but nevertheless, jailbreakers can take advantage of it right now.

Safe Alarm

Do you never turn down the ringer during the day while at work, but when it’s time to go to bed you forget to turn it back up, eventually sleeping through your alarm? I’ve been there too.


By default, iOS uses the ringer volume as the alarm volume as well, but a tweak called Safe Alarm separates the two volume controls, meaning you can set a specific volume for your ringer and another specific volume for your alarm.

It certainly can save you from being late for work, and it has saved me several times from sleeping through my alarm because I forgot to turn the ringer back up the night before.

Folder Closer

FolderCloser was a jailbreak tweak for iOS 6, but it was updated for iOS 7 as well. While it hasn’t be officially updated for iOS 8 yet, it still works with the new version, so it’s definitely worth downloading.


If you get annoyed by folders staying open after you launch and close an application from within said folder, then you need to download and install FolderCloser right now. It automatically closes the opened folder, so when you exit an app, you’ll be brought back to the home screen rather than to the folder that the app belongs in. It’s a dead-simple tweak, but it fixes a huge iOS annoyance.


The iOS layout doesn’t allow for long app names, or else the text gets cut off. This means that some app names show up abbreviated on the home screen. Furthermore, some apps have weird names, like the Reddit app Alien Blue. If you want to rename apps on the home screen, there’s now a tweak for that.


IconRenamer allows you to rename an app to your liking. For instance, you can change “Alien Blue” to “Reddit” so that you know it’s the Reddit app, or name an app something silly just for fun.

It’s a small tweak, but it can be fun to play around with and make your home screen a bit more professional looking.


We discussed a new jailbreak tweak for the iOS 7 Control Center called FlipControlCenter awhile back, but a new tweak called CCHide takes all the clutter out of the Control Center and gives you just the bare essentials that you need.


CCHide allows you to remove certain settings from the Control Center and shrink down that pop-up menu that appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

There aren’t a lot of settings to choose from, so it’s rather simple and straightforward, but it does allow you to make the music section appearance conditional, meaning that the music controls only appear in the Control Center when music is playing, which is really handy and cleans things up a bit.

StatusHUD 2

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m watching a video and want to adjust the volume, I hate when the volume status graphic pops up right in the middle of the video and won’t go away until a few seconds after you’re done adjusting the volume. This is really annoying, but thankfully there’s a jailbreak tweak to fix that.


StatusHUD 2 moves the volume status to the top of the screen onto the status bar so that it’s always out of the way. You can even change some of the settings for the tweak, including the shape (either circles or squares) and even change how long it takes for the volume status to disappear after you’ve adjusted the volume.

If you still prefer having the traditional pop-up, but maybe just want it faded a bit, you can download TransparentVolume, which tones down the opacity of the pop-up so that you can still somewhat see the whole screen without the volume pop-up blocking everything entirely.


An awesome new feature in iOS 8 is the ability to activate Siri without having to press down on the Home button. Simply just holler “Hey Siri” and it’ll bring it up.


However, this feature only works with your iPhone is plugged into a power source, but a new iOS 8 tweak called UntetheredHeySiri enables the voice activation with or without your device being plugged in.

This is perhaps one of the biggest tweaks, seeing as how not all users constantly have their iPhones or iPads plugged in, so being able to use Hey Siri at anytime is an awesome feature to have.


iOS’s default method for moving around the cursor in a block of text isn’t exactly the best way that it could be done; you have to tap and hold down, and then you can slide your finger to where you want the cursor to go. An easier way would be to just slide your finger across the keyboard and have the cursor move with it, and your finger wouldn’t be blocking the cursor either.


Luckily, this is exactly what SwipeSelection does, and it’s an absolute Godsend if you type a lot on your iPhone or iPad. There’s also SwipeSelection Pro, which comes with a settings menu where you can customize the cursor speed and such, but the basic version is good enough for most users.


F.lux is always one of the first jailbreak tweaks I install. It essentially gets rid of that nasty blue hue that your screen emits in favor of a warmer color temperature. This assures that you don’t get eye strain.


F.lux is also available for OS X and Windows (but not Android, sadly), and I highly recommend getting it for your computer if you spend most of the day looking at your computer monitor; it works wonders.


The one great thing about the Android keyboard is that it shows lowercase letters when typing in lowercase, and uppercase letters when typing in uppercase. However, on iOS, the keyboard shows uppercase letters all the time. A simple jailbreak tweak called ShowCase solves this problem and shows lowercase letters when typing in lowercase, which quickly allows you to see which case you’re typing in without having to look at the Shift key.


ShowCase is a fairly trivial jailbreak tweak, but it’s one that I don’t recommend taking for granted, as it makes your typing experience a lot quicker and easier.


Another jailbreak tweak that’s worth having on your iOS 8 device comes with the ability to customize the Control Center. It’s called FlipControlCenter and it lets you do just that, to an extent. It doesn’t include as much customization as we’d like, but it’s a great start.


You can switch around connectivity toggles, as well as the bottom app shortcuts. Plus, you can add on pages that you can swipe through to add even more toggles and shortcuts to Control Center.


If you’re annoyed by notifications dropping down from the top and blocking the navigation bar in apps, we’re right there with you. TinyBar fixes this annoyance by using only the status bar at the top to display notifications, that way you’re not temporarily losing screen real estate when you’re playing around in an app.


StatusBulletin was my go-to tweak for this in iOS 6, but development for StatusBulletin ceased and has since joined forces with the similar DietBulletin tweak, which hasn’t yet been updated for iOS 8, let alone iOS 7, so TinyBar is my go-to tweak for this right now. Plus, TinyBar has an entire settings menu where you can customize how notifications pop up and how they look.


The Facebook iPhone app is annoying, as it displays “Top Stories” on your News Feed rather than all updates in reverse-chronological order. To change this, you have to go through a couple of menus to show the most recent updates, but a nifty jailbreak tweak changes this.


With RecentFacebook, the tweak switches the two around, meaning that when you open the Facebook app the most recent updates will be displayed in your timeline without having to go to settings to change it. If you use Facebook a lot, it’s perhaps one of the most helpful tweaks around.


If you ever need to clear up space on your jailbroken iPhone, there’s a Cydia app that can clear out temporary files and other unnecessary files in order to make more room without deleting important data.


iCleaner is one of the most popular options for this, and it only works on jailbroken devices. Running it on my iPhone cleared up almost 2GB of extra space without needing to delete apps or any other media from my iPhone.


If you don’t like how the Music app suddenly stops and pauses the music without a gentle fade, then you may want to check out this particular Cydia tweak.


Faded is a tweak meant for the Music app on your iPhone and it allows users to set a fade to their music whenever they pause, stop, and start their music, making it much less abrupt if they pause and resume music.


A new feature on the iPhone 6 is called Reachability, which lets you double-tap the Home button in order to bring down the top of the screen so that you can more-easily access apps on the top row. However, doing that leaves a blank black space toward the top, which could otherwise be utilized.

This is where WidgetCenter comes in. With this tweak, you can show the time in that space or even media controls for music.


Sometimes we just need to silence all notifications on our iPhones, but what if you still need certain apps enabled to receive notifications. Silentium is your answer.


This tweak allows users to set only certain apps to receive full notifications while all other apps are left on silent. This is perfect if you silence your phone at night while you sleep, but still want certain apps to come through for certain situations.


If you’re a weather nut and need to know what the weather is at all times, or you just want to be able to view the basic weather quickly and easily, then this tweak might just be for you.


StatusbarWeather8 puts the weather directly into your iPhone’s status bar, complete with the current temperature and even a small icon of what it looks like outside, whether it’s raining, snowing, etc.


The Camera app on the iPhone allows you to quickly switch between the rear camera and the front-facing camera, but doing so requires you to tap the small icon in the upper-right corner, which is really impossible to hit.


However, a tweak called TapTapFlip lets you simply double-tap anywhere in the viewfinder on the screen to switch cameras. It’s super simple and really convenient.

Search Widget

If you’ve ever used Android, you’ve noticed the infamous search bar widget that you can add to your home screen, allowing you to quickly search Google in a pinch. That same feature can be had on the iPhone as well.


Search Widget is a Cydia tweak that adds a Google search bar to your iOS 8 home screen and it looks just like it does on Android. It’s a great tool for when you need quick access to Google.


Web browsers save all of the websites you’ve been to, even on your iPhone, but there’s a new tweak that works with Safari that takes a different approach.


SafariAlwaysPrivate8 does exactly what you’d think it does based on the name. It makes it so that you’re in private browsing mode whenever you open up Safari. Do what you will with it, but it can be great to have whenever you use Safari, and it doesn’t save history, thus taking up precious storage space for those files.


The GPS on your iPhone can hog battery life like there’s no tomorrow, but a Cydia tweak for iPhone lets you set strict boundaries on when the location services can be used.


Locus is a tweak that lets you set only certain apps to use GPS. Otherwise, it will remain off in order to save battery. However, whenever you fire up a certain app that you want GPS on for, Locus will turn on GPS only when that certain app is opened.

Apple already has similar features like this in place, but it’s definitely not as hard and fast as Locus, which uses the on/off capabilities much more thoroughly.

Disable iOS Swipe Back

One feature that was introduced in iOS 7 was the ability to swipe back through menus, as well as swipe forward. However, many users have discovered that they can simply activate this by accident when getting anywhere close to the edges of the screen.


Thankfully, a straightforward tweak called Disable iOS Swipe Back disables the ability to do this, requiring to press the back button whenever you want to go back.



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