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iOS 8 May Finally Bring Better Call Quality to iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s



The iOS 8 update that we expect to see in later this year alongside a new iPhone 6 could bring support for VoLTE, a feature that will send voice calls over LTE, allowing Verizon iPhone owners to talk and surf and delivering better call quality on the iPhone.

While Verizon iPhone users continuously ask for the ability to surf and talk at the same time, this is actually a major feature for all iPhone owners, even those on AT&T and T-Mobile. VoLTE delivers many advantages including better call quality and is more efficient, which could play a role in delivering better iPhone battery life for heavy talkers.

In a new release of iOS 8 information, Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac shares the potential for an iOS 8 update that delivers VoLTE support on the new iPhone for this year. This feature is still up in the air, mainly due to Verizon and AT&T waiting to officially roll out VoLTE networks. Watch the video below to understand one of the reasons iOS 8 VoLTE support is a big deal.

The VoLTE industry term may not mean much to most iPhone owners and potential iPhone 6 buyers, but it is a big deal. An iPhone 6 with VoLTE that is connected to a LTE network should deliver better sounding calls. To get an idea of how they may sound make a FaceTime Audio call on the iPhone to another iPhone and you’ll hear the difference that is possible.

With this new technology the iPhone battery life could see a big boost for heavy talkers. According to a Wireless Week report the technology, “enables power savings of up to 40 percent when compared to 3G voice calls.”

The iPhone 5s supports VoLTE according to a report from late 2013, but users need an update like iOS 8 to arrive and turn on the feature. With support at a chip level, it would make sense that the iPhone 6 will also support VoLTE, even if the carriers are not ready and the feature is delayed until an iOS 8.1 update.

The iOS 8 update may deliver VoLTE support which means better sounding, battery friendly calls and talk for every carrier and surf on Verizon.

The iOS 8 update may deliver VoLTE support which means better sounding, battery friendly calls and talk for every carrier and surf on Verizon.

Verizon is working to bring VoLTE to users in 2014 according to an update in December, which highlights the ability of this new technology to deliver better sounding phone calls. The AT&T VoLTE rollout is not as bright with plans delayed and no specific timeline for VoLTE. T-Mobile already supports VoLTE on through MetroPCS, and T-Mobile is eager to turn this on in order to turn off their older 2G network. The carrier plans to dramatically improve LTE coverage by the end of the year and complete a major switch to LTE by mid-2015. Sprint plans to support VoLTE, but there is no timeline.

Apple will likely show off iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 on June 2nd followed soon after with an iOS 8 beta for developers. Apple may not include VoLTE support in the initial beta tests, especially if carriers are still working on network support. The iOS 8 release will likely come days ahead of a new iPhone in 2014. iPhone 6 rumors suggest Apple is planning for a fall release.

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