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iOS 8 Rumors: 3 Details About Apple’s New iPhone Software Emerge



Apple is working on iOS 8 for the iPhone and iPad, which will bring new features and some changes to mobile devices when it arrives later this year. Thanks to a new iOS 8 rumor report we are able to share five details about the new iPhone software that could come in 2014.

In the past month iOS 8 rumors started to appear with more frequency including a health tracking app, changes to Apple Maps and iTunes Radio as well as a screenshots that show a possible set of icons for iOS 8 on an iPhone. To get caught up, read what we know about iOS 8 so far.

A new report this morning from Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac shares several possible iOS 8 features and changes that Apple is considering. These details are not set in stone, but Apple is at the very least experimenting with new options that could streamline the Notification Center and help apps work together easier.

Notification Center Changes

The iOS 8 Notification Center may clear out the Missed Tab.

The iOS 8 Notification Center may clear out the Missed Tab.

The iOS 8 Notification Center may change to remove the missed notifications tab. Currently iOS 7 and iOS 7.1 feature notifications on two tabs in the Notification Center, and some users don’t bother switching between these tabs. This change would put all notifications on one tab.

The new Today screen is reportedly staying, which is good news for users that like this at a glance view of what’s going on with their schedule, commute, weather and stocks. Gurman shares that Apple is working on adding additional information to the Notification Center, but it’s not clear if this will be ready for an iOS 8 release this year.

The Today screen is poised to be Apple’s version of Google Now, showcasing important information at a glance. It would be interesting to see Apple deliver other Google Now like information such as package tracking and news in this view. Perhaps another iOS 8 feature may bring could enhance this by allowing other apps to push information to the Today screen.

Apps that Can Share and Talk

With IOS 8 we could see apps that talk to each other for a more seamless experience.

With IOS 8 we could see apps that talk to each other for a more seamless experience.

App lovers will rejoice if Apple brings this iOS 8 feature to the iPhone and iPad. This new report from 9to5Mac talks about a feature that could allow for iPhone apps to communicate better. The example given is that a photo editing app could pass off an edited photo to the Instagram app, without the need to save to a camera roll and open the other app.

This could bring a more seamless user experience to the iPhone and iPad that allows users to move files and documents between applications easier.

iOS 8 Performance Boost

The report also shares a variety of small features and changes that some users will enjoy if the changes make it into the iOS 8 release later this year, but even more interesting is a focus on performance.

With iOS 7.1 Apple significantly improved the performance of the iPhone 4 and the iPad 3. This report claims Apple is still working on performance enhancements to deliver apps that launch faster, close faster and offer a “smoother and more stable.” user experience.

We expect Apple will announce iOS 8 at a WWDC 2014 event for developers this summer and will release it as a free update to the iPhone and iPad in the fall, near a rumored iPhone 6 release date.

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