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iOS 8 Tips: 10 Secrets to Take Better Looking iPhone Photos



The free iOS 8 update adds several important new iPhone camera features that will help you take better looking iPhone photos. You don’t need to buy a new iPhone to use these iOS 8 tips, but if you own an iPhone 6 you will be able to take even slower slow motion videos.

With the free iOS 8 update Apple adds a new mode for taking time lapse videos on the iPhone and improves your options to control the iPhone camera like a pro.

If you’ve ever looked at the iPhone photos friends post to Facebook and wondered how they were able to take such a great looking photo we’re about to show you the secrets to taking amazing iPhone photos.

Learn how to use the iOS 8 camera app to take better looking iPhone photos with these tips.

Learn how to use the iOS 8 camera app to take better looking iPhone photos with these tips.

You don’t need to download any special iPhone camera apps or memorize complicated steps. The basics to taking better looking iPhone photos on iOS 8 is just a tap and a slide. After that we’ll show you how to make sure you can see the person in your photo, even if they are initially covered in a shadow, how to use burst mode and how to take time lapse and slow motion videos.

iOS 8 Tips: iPhone Camera Guide

If you spend nine-minutes watching this iOS 8 tips video for the iPhone camera will walk you through the basics of taking better looking iPhone photos.

Here’s a quick summary of what this iOS 8 tips video teaches you about the iPhone camera. Some of these features are not new, but they are still important to taking better looking iPhone photos.

  1. HDR – take multiple photos that the camera merges together to deliver a photo that shows dark and light subjects and adds details to the shadows.
  2. Lock Focus & Lock Exposure – You can tap and hold on a spot to lock the focus and lock the exposure this is handy if you need to get the focus or exposure set up and then change the position of the subject to get a better looking photo.
  3. Tap on the Subject – The single most important thing you can do to take better looking iPhone photos is to tap on the subject. This sets the focus on that person or object and auto sets the exposure. We’ll show you how to manually change exposure below, but many times tapping on the right spot delivers night and day differences.
  4. Panorama – The video also covers how you can take a panorama on the iPhone with iOS 8. This allows you to move the camera from one side to the other to capture a wide-angle view of landscapes and other subjects.
  5. Filters – You can use filters while setting up your photo by tapping on the filter option to the right of the shutter button. This lets you add an Instagram like filter while you set up the shot for an easier way to get the photo you want.

From here we’ll dive into new modes like the iOS 8 time lapse photo option, how to use the new timer in the camera app and how to set manual exposure and why you would want to.

iOS 8 Manual Exposure

After you start to tap to focus and set exposure you’ll notice that you are taking dramatically better iPhone photos, but you can still improve the photos by setting the exposure manually. After you tap to focus and set the exposure you can tap on the small sun icon to the right and slide up to  add more light to the photo or down to darken the photo.

With this tip and the rest of the items in this guide you’ve unlocked the secret to taking better looking iPhone photos without buying any apps or accessories.

iOS 8 Camera Timer

The iOS 8 camera app includes a timer so you can make sure you are in the photo or so you can get set up for the perfect selfie.

Here's how you can use the timer in the iOS 8 camera app.

Here’s how you can use the timer in the iOS 8 camera app.

Open the camera app and tap on the small clock icon on the menu bar that is to the left in landscape and on the top in portrait mode. Choose from a 3 second or 10 second timer or turn this off if you don’t need it.

iOS 8 Time Lapse Guide

In iOS 8 Apple adds a new camera mode called time lapse. This takes a series of photos at specific intervals to capture motion that it can then show sped up. This is great for showing movement on a busy city street, a flower blooming, storm coming in or any other scene with movement.

The video above outlines how to use the new iOS 8 time lapse mode on the iPhone. You can see a sample below that we added music to in a movie editing app for a more dramatic and interesting video.

The best way to take one of these is with a tripod so that you can keep the camera steady, but it’s not absolutely accessory.

iOS 8 Slow Motion Video

Apple added a slow motion mode on iOS 7 last year and with the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 we can now take even slower slow motion videos on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The video below covers the basics of using this.

We use the iPhone 6 in this video which shoots 240 Frames Per Second, but you can also use the iPhone 5s to take 120 Frames Per Second video as well.

iOS 8 Burst Photo

With iOS 8 on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus you can take a burst of photos. All you need to do is hold down the shutter button or the volume down button and it will take a burst of photos at an incredible speed. You can then pick the best photo or photos to keep and share.

If you are always trying to get a child smiling, the perfect pet photo or capture an amazing moment at a sporting event this is the easiest way to do it.

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