iOS 9.1 Release: 5 Things You Need to Know
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iOS 9.1 Release: 5 Things You Need to Know



We’ve been hearing a lot about Apple’s iOS 9 update ahead of its release date. We’ve also been hearing quite a bit about an iOS 9.1 release, an update that figures to be the first major update for Apple’s new platform. Here are a few things to know about what might be coming after the initial iOS 9 release date.

The iOS 9 release date was confirmed in June. At WWDC, Apple announced a slew of new products including the iOS 8 update’s successor. iOS 9 was arguably the star of the show as the company showed off key details including new apps and performance enhancements.

The company also outlined the iOS 9 release date confirming a release for the fall. It didn’t outline a specific date but it did release an iOS 9 beta to hold developers, and the general public over, until the final release.


The final iOS 9 release looks like it will be coming soon. A specific date hasn’t been revealed but we should hear about the iOS 9 release date in two days at Apple’s media event in San Francisco. We’re expecting an iOS 9 release date on September 16th but that obviously remains unconfirmed.

While the spotlight is on iOS 9.0, we’ve been hearing more about another iOS 9 update that could be coming later this year. That update? An iOS 9.1 release.

With an iOS 9.1 release heavily rumored for arrival, we want to take a look at the most important things to know about it.

First Major iOS 9 Update

According to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman, iOS 9.1 will be the “first milestone upgrade to iOS 9.” This makes sense given that iOS x.1 updates always bring more than simple bug fixes. They always bring something extra to the table.


While it will be the first major update to iOS 9, it might not be the first upgrade for Apple’s new operating system.

Apple typically rolls out an initial bug fix update to tackle the most glaring iOS problems. Last year, it rolled out iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 before it pushed out iOS 8.1 in October.

iOS 9.1 Launch Date

The iOS 9.1 update is very real though it’s not clear if Apple will confirm the update on stage during this week’s launch event or at another date in the future. Odds are, that the focus of Wednesday’s event will be on the initial iOS 9.0 release.

iOS 9.1 Release Date

Apple’s rumored 12-inch iPad Pro will reportedly ship alongside the iOS 9.1 update. The iPad Pro will supposedly make its debut on Wednesday (this isn’t set in stone) but it apparently won’t go on sale until late October with shipments arriving sometime in November.

The iOS 9.1 release date will probably land in late October or sometime in November. For reference, Apple released iOS 8.1 on October 20th. You’ll probably be able to get your hands on iOS 9.1 much earlier than that though.


Apple’s now in the habit of putting most of its iOS updates into beta. Last year, it released iOS 8.1 beta on September 29th ahead of its release date. We’d expect an iOS 9.1 beta from Apple so that its developer partners can prepare for the iPad Pro and iOS 9.1’s enhancements.

iOS 9.1 Features

The iOS 9.1 update will probably contain two major components: Features and fixes.

Gurman believes that the update will include enhancements for key iOS 9 iPad features including optimized versions of split-Screen apps and the new picture-in-Picture video playback.

The update will also reportedly come with changes to Siri and Notification Center that are focused on better utilizing the device’s larger display.

We don’t have specifics on these features just yet and we may not until a few weeks after the September 9th media event.

Bug Fixes

X.1 updates always come with their own collection of bug fixes for iOS problems and this update will likely be no different. iOS 9 went through a lengthy beta but there will still be problems.

Who Will Get iOS 9.1?

At this point, the iPad Pro is a lock for iOS 9.1 though we could see Apple extend the update to all iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s big x.x updates typically emerge for all compatible devices and there’s no reason to believe (at least not yet) the iOS 9.1 update will be an iPad Pro exclusive.



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