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iOS 9.2 Update: 5 Things to Know After 11 Days



You Can't Downgrade to iOS 9.1

You Can't Downgrade to iOS 9.1

We had a feeling Apple would plug up the iOS 9.1 downgrade loophole one to two weeks after the iOS 9.2 release and our prediction was spot on.

The iOS 9.1 downgrade is no longer available. Apple's closed up the loophole which means those of you already on iOS 9.2 are stuck there unless you jailbreak. And if you're thinking about moving to iOS 9.2, know that you'll be stuck there once you do. 

Apple won't be opening this back up so you're stuck with iOS 9.2. Keep this timing in mind for when Apple releases the iOS 9.2.1 update. 



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