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iOS 9 Update: 5 iPhone Problems Apple Needs to Fix



We should see the iOS 9 update at WWDC 2015 in a week, and even though the public iOS 9 release date isn’t expected until later this year, we already have our eye on five iPhone problems that Apple needs to fix in the new update.

It is unlikely that Apple will talk about these iPhone problems and how they relate to an iOS 9 update on stage at WWDC, but we are already hearing that a good deal of iOS 9 will focus on security and stability. With this in mind, these are the iPhone problems we want to see disappear with the update.

Apple should fix some iPhone problems in iOS 9.

Apple should fix some iPhone problems in iOS 9.

Although not exclusive to iOS 8, many of these issues are more pronounced on iOS 8. The iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 updates that followed addressed some of these problems. Part of what we want from the iOS 9 release is for new features that don’t bring back the same problems Apple spent a year fixing.

Here are 5 iPhone problems we hope Apple fixes or avoids in iOS 9.

iOS 9 Performance on Old Devices

Every year we see poor performance on the oldest iPhone and iPad to get the new version of iOS. With ISO 8 the iPad 2 performance suffered greatly and the iPhone 4s iOS 8 performance also lagged compared to iOS 7.

After a month Apple delivered iOS 8.1 to fix some of these issues and the subsequent iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 updates continued the trend of delivering better performance for most users. Instead of leaving users with poor performance out of the box, we want Apple to deliver an optimized update that delivers consistent performance on older devices. This is especially important if we see an iOS 9 iPhone 4s update as one report suggests.

iPhone Battery Drain

There are many reasons why iPhone battery drain happens, but after an update there is always a spike in the number of users complaining about bad iPhone battery life.

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The biggest bandit is when the iPhone never enters standby, even with the screen off. Anyone who watched their iPhone battery life drop dramatically in minutes knows the frustration of going into the battery usage section and seeing Usage and Standby showing the same amount of time with 20% battery life left by mid-afternoon.

Some of this is out of Apple’s control with battery performance degrading over time and apps not working correctly on a new version of iOS, but we want to see Apple deliver a better overall experience for upgraders that does not lead to outbreaks of bad iPhone battery life.

Apple Maps That Works

After several years Apple Maps still does not list my house on a street that is over a decade old and as recently as last year the direction suggested I take a non-existent bridge across a river while driving my dad home from the hospital.

Apple Maps needs a big update in iOS 9.

Apple Maps needs a big update in iOS 9.

In the current state Apple Maps is useless to me and there are so many problems that I need to use Google Maps to get anywhere. On one hand, Google Maps is better, but it does not connect into Apple’s closed Siri and iOS ecosystem as much as Apple Maps.

When someone shares their location with iMessage I cannot easily open it in Google Maps and if I am driving and need new directions I cannot use Siri to get a new route.

Apple needs to improve the transit options in iOS 9, the reliability of map data and directions and the overall usefulness of this feature — or let users pick Google Maps.

Bluetooth Problems in Cars

Apple needs to deliver reliable iPhone Bluetooth connections in cars.

Apple needs to deliver reliable iPhone Bluetooth connections in cars.

One of the biggest recurring Bluetooth problems on iOS 8 is that the iPhone does not connect to in car entertainment systems reliably. This is a very sporadic problem and it is complicated by the variety of car systems and updates that come from car manufacturers. Still, whenever there is an update to the iPhone software we see another spike in complaints from users who can no longer connect to the in-car system.

Recently our iPhone 6 decided to stop connecting reliably to Ford Sync after installing the Apple Watch OS 1.0.1 update. The car software is the same as it was a month ago and iOS remains unchanged, but once again an Apple update manages to impede connectivity.

Even though there is not a simple solution, we want Apple to deliver more reliable Bluetooth connectivity in cars with the iOS 9 release.

WiFi Problems

iOS 8.3 helped fix some iPhone WiFi problems, but not all are gone.

iOS 8.3 helped fix some iPhone WiFi problems, but not all are gone.

iPhone WiFi problems are finally under control for many users thanks to a massive bug fix in iOS 8.3. Until this point the issues, known by some as the WiFried iPhone problem prevented many users from connecting to WiFi networks reliably.

Recent reports suggest Apple will switch networking technology in OS X Yosemite to fix what is almost a year old WiFi problem.

With the iOS 9 update we want Apple to fix the iPhone WiFi problems for the variety of users who continue to experience WiFi problems with iOS 8.3.

10 Exciting iOS 9 Release Rumors

iOS 9 Launch Date

iOS 9 Launch Date

Apple still isn't talking about iOS 9 but it should start talking about it in just a few short weeks. 

iOS 9 rumors point to an arrival at WWDC 2015, the company's developer conference that's set to kick off on June 8th. Apple typically announces its iOS updates during its keynote address which means that we should find out more about this update on the conference's first day. 

Apple itself says that it will be talking about the future of iOS at WWDC 2015 and we don't think that's iOS 8.4. iOS 8.4 will probably appear on stage when Apple talks about its new music services but the spotlight will almost certainly be on iOS 9. 

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