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iOS 9 Update: 5 Things That Need Your Attention



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iOS 9.1 Update

iOS 9.1 Update

And finally, we think the iOS 9.1 update needs your attention, especially if you're struggling on iOS 9 or iOS 9.0.1.

iOS 9.1 is currently in beta with a release rumored for October or November alongside Apple's new iPad Pro. The update is coming with new emojis but more importantly, we're heard that it's actually helping curb poor iOS 9 performance. 

The iOS 9.1 beta should have your attention. If you're struggling on iOS 9 right now, the beta might be worth a download, if only to see how the public version might run on your device. 

If you don't want to try it yourself you should keep an eye on iOS 9.1 feedback. We've seen a ton of feedback emerge in the days since iOS 9.1 beta 2's release and you'll want to dig in before the update's public release later this year. 

This way you'll be prepared for the new features and its potential performance on your iPhone 4s, iPhone 6s, or whatever device you own.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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