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iOS iMovie App Goes to the Big Screen (Hands-On Video)



Previously available only for the iPhone as it’s the only device at the time to feature a camera, iMovie is getting a makeover and Apple will be converting the app into a Universal App, meaning you can purchase it once (if you haven’t already) and have it work on either iPhone or optimized for the larger screen iPad tablet. As the iPad 2 features dual-cameras, featuring a movie editing suite for the tablet is a natural move.

According to Apple, the company is well known for its experiences in movie and film editing. Apple currently offers a professional-grade Final Cut Pro desktop suite for film-makers and movie studios to edit their clips, a consumer-grade iMovie on OS X for consumers, of which the embedded video below was edited on, and now an iMovie for mobile devices.

With the new iMovie, users have access to new sound clips, transitions, themes, and animations to make their work stand out.

Best of all, another Apple representative at the San Francisco iPad 2 unveiling–not the one whose hands you saw in the video demoing the iPad 2–told me that iMovie on the iPad will allow users to import videos shot on the iPhone. To do this, you’d have to connect your dock connector to USB cable from your iPhone into a USB dock connector camera kit (optional accessory) to transfer your clip over, doing so will give you a bigger workspace to edit. The larger display on the tablet will be especially when you’re merging clips together to create a thoughtfully edited sequence using the Precision Editor. Essentially, within the clip, all you have to do is pinch your fingers outwards to gain finer controls of your clips details with the Precision Editor.

After you’re done with the clip, it’s time to view it and share it. To play back the clip, you can play it back full-screen on your near-10-inch display of the iPad 2, view it via Apple TV through Air Share or watch it on your HDTV via an optional HDMI connector accessory that plugs into your dock connector. Moreover, you can also share the result of your Oscar-nominated work with friends on Facebook, YouTube, and other sharing sites in HD quality.

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