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iOS in the Car Functionality Demoed on Video



Earlier this month, we were treated with a handful of screenshots of iOS in the Car, which is an initiative between Apple and car manufacturers to bring seamless iOS integration to infotainment systems in a variety of new vehicles. This time around, though, we’ve been treated with a video demo.

The video demonstration clearly shows that this is running on iOS 7.0.3, which has been out for a while now, but the in-car functionality has remained hidden so far. The video¬†shows the in-car feature running on an iOS simulator, as it’s actually not ready for cars just yet, but the demo proves that development is really close to being done.

In the video, you see Apple Maps in action on the larger car display (although at lower resolutions). The interface sports larger buttons for easier tapping while on the road, and you can control the screen with your iPhone, such as typing in an address to get directions, and playing around with stuff on the screen also controls the iPhone at certain times.

In the notes posted alongside the demo video, it’s said that the features supports multiple resolutions for different screen sizes in different cars. It also not only supports touchscreens, but also hardware buttons, wheels and touchpads.

The functionality doesn’t support multitasking, so the car display will always show what’s currently showing on the iPhone’s display, and there doesn’t seem to be any plans for a public API for developers, although that could change once we get closer to the official unveiling of iOS in the Car.

The display also has no on-screen keyboard, so drivers have to use voice recognition for input, but that’s no surprise.

Obviously, it’s important to note that the interface and various features are subject to change, and they likely will. This is merely an early look at what to expect when iOS in the Car finally does come to the market. We expect a handful of 2014 car models to support iOS in the Car when iOS 7.1 is released, but we’ll have to wait and see what Apple and car manufacturers decide to do.

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