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iOS, iPad Owners Soon to be Able to Stream Sony Movies for Free



Sony will soon allow iOS owners of devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch the ability to stream for free old movies and TV shows from the studio through the website A specific timeline was not given as to when the iOS streaming capabilities would be implemented, but users who visited the Crackle website were displayed with a popup message stating that iOS support is forthcoming.

Right now, Crackle only allows streaming via Flash-enabled devices, unfortunately.

It’s unclear whether Crackle will implement direct in-browser HTML5 streaming for shows and movies when iOS support goes live, or if streaming support will happen through apps, like the approach that Hulu Plus and Netflix are taking.

While the streaming service will be free for users to access and take advantage of, Crackle will monetize videos through the use of ad placement.

When iOS support is enabled, Crackle will be yet another legal streaming service for video content. iOS users can take advantage of free services, like Crackle and YouTube, paid services through subscriptions like Netflix, and also free through another paid service like apps that offer streaming from cable TV companies or satellite dish companies as part of a user’s home entertainment subscription package. There are also a number of non-legal peer-to-peer streaming sites that have emerged that centers around iOS streaming as well.

Streaming video to mobile devices will represent another area of growth in digital entertainment. Apple and Google are both expected to be implementing digital locker services for purchased content soon. These services will help mitigate the need for on-device, local storage, which may be costly. Instead, streaming would allow users to watch their purchased content on demand anywhere that an Internet connection is available.

Via: 9to5 Mac

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