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Iowa Flood Aid – Amazing Videos



MobileDemand’s Matt Miller has been volunteering to help bring aid to those devastated by the floods in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He’s been filming and producing videos to help shed some light on just how badly people’s lives were hit. Learn more about donating to Iowan’s in need.

Check out this video of all the folks in Cedar Rapids flying the American flag in the midst of their own tragedy.



There’s a 70-year old grandmother whose 2-story house had water on the second floor. Her home is destroyed. Seemingly from nowhere, people in uniform came offering her clothing, blankets, healthcare, and temporary shelter. Without this help, she may not have made it. She’s owned her home since the 1970’s. She hasn’t had a mortgage in over 20 years. She’s barely getting by on Social Security. She’s not fortunate enough to have a pension. It’s been determined her house must be torn down. FEMA is authorized to pay her $28,000. She can’t afford a mortgage. $28,000 won’t buy a home. What does she do? She firmly plants the American Flag in her yard and starts cleaning up, because that’s what we do in Iowa.

American, Iowa needs your help. Please donate. Help these proud people get back on track.

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