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iPad 2: Don’t Know Why I Love It, but I Do!



I’ve had my iPad 2 now for more than a couple of weeks. I was lucky enough to snag one on launch day at our local Best Buy. I get a lot of people asking me two questions?

  1. “Is that the iPad 2?” or just “Is that an iPad?” and some still ask “Is that like a computer?”
  2. “Do you like it?” If they ask the first question, it’s followed almost immediately with the second.

DSC 0009

My answer is a resounding, “Yes!” In fact I don’t just like my iPad 2; I love it.

I loved my old iPad as well. That is now in the proud hands of my wife who also loves it, but not like I did. She gets questions too. “Is that an iPad? Do you like it?”

I’ve picked up the old one a few times because,

  • I needed to updated iOS
  • It was there handy and I needed to look something up on the Internet while mine was in another room or still in my computer bag
  • To show my wife some feature or how to do something

When I pick up my old friend, the original iPad, I have an emotional reaction. It feels fat and looks weird. I have the new white iPad 2 and really like the way the white front frames the display. While it is not that much lighter than the original iPad, when I pick up my old iPad it feels chunky. For me to call anything chunky is a bit hypocritical. In case you didn’t know it, just watch some of my videos where you can see me then read the silly YouTubers who seem to think I don’t realize it. I’m overweight. But still my old iPad feels like yesterday’s technology, even though it is just a year old.

One reason for my delight in the iPad 2 might be the form factor. It is sleeker and more svelte than it’s older brother. That may be it, but if the new iPad hadn’t been released I would not have known I needed or wanted a leaner thinner iPad. This might be a contributing factor, but I doubt it.

Ipad 2 review 12331 580x192

When people ask me the second question – “Do you like it?” – I often feel the need to offer reasons why I like it. But nearly every single one of those reasons is true of fat old iPad.

  • convenience of having a computer in my hands
  • touch is much more efficient than a mouse for a lot of applications
  • portability
  • beautiful display
  • the games – I”m addicted to Lux DLX 2 and Fieldrunners
  • instant on
  • long battery life

Notice that the faster processor and cameras are not on the list. Sure, I like them. I think GarageBand is so cool on the iPad 2. The app works on the old iPad, but not as well. Having a camera to snap pictures of papers handed out in meetings is not only cool but makes my old iPad wielding friends envious. The rest shake their heads and say something like, “Wow” or “That’s cool!”

Before I had my iPad 2, I just used my iPhone to snap pictures of papers. So, that’s not that big a deal.

Why do I love my iPad 2 so much more than my original iPad? It is purely emotional and entirely visceral. And that is why Apple stock is so much higher than other tech companies.

The Apple ecosystem is built on more than just good technology and customer service. Apple is better at capturing the emotions of customers. This turns them into vocal advocates and almost volunteer evangelists for the brand.

Before I started using Apple products, I laughed at Apple fanboys. They seemed to be stuck in the Steve Jobs distortion field. But now that I’ve crossed over, I get it. It just feels good to use an Apple. And I’m not talking about an external sensory feeling, but an internal emotional one.



  1. Antoine RJ Wright

    04/07/2011 at 6:16 pm

    That last part I can totally vibe with as well. For the most part, the fact that the experience was central in making the iPad makes using it delightful, as well as productive. I am still on the first one, and have no reason to move, but definitely can attest toward how that refinement feels. Reminds me of going from the Treo 650 to 680 honestly. And that too want about specs, but just more delight in how life gets lived with these devices/services.

  2. Anonymous

    04/07/2011 at 9:08 pm

    Overall, I give the ipad a meh+. I see how it could be the everything device for other people, but the niggling limitations and other annoyances are why I gave it to my wife, who gave it back, then gave it to my son, who declared it overrated and gave it back. I’m selling it to my dad to use for casual games, puzzles, and light browsing. Hopefully he doesn’t try to give it back too.

    I got more questions and comments running around with my Archos 5 and my nokia n800 before that than I ever did with the ipad.

    • Ladfd

      04/12/2011 at 11:41 am

      i had an archos 7 , and people laughed at me for having an ipad rip off

  3. CLiDED

    04/01/2012 at 10:03 am

    I love my iPad 2. I had an iPad 1 for a while, it was an OK experience… I hated holding it and it was kinda sluggish due to the laughable 256mb of RAM.

    iPad 2, though, fantastic. I never use my computer anymore to browse. It feels great to hold, and boy is it fast!

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