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iPad 2: Full iPad Announcement Event Video



Only a few hundred lucky people were on hand for the unveiling of the iPad 2 in San Francisco today. But you too can enjoy all 71 minutes of the iPad 2 press conference if that’s your cup of tea.

You can click on the image below to view the iPad 2 video. If you want to jump to a specific point or feature, view our summary below. We’ve also pulled together the three videos that Steve Jobs and friends showcased during the iPad 2 event below if you don’t want to watch the whole presentation.

Steve Jobs starts off talking about how Apple has 200 million active accounts with credit cards, which enables customers to make one-click purchases. He goes on to discuss the virtues of the Apple App Store. iOS developers have earned over $2 billion selling their apps for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Apple also announced that 100 million iPhones have been sold to date.

Jobs goes on to describe the iPad as the third post-PC product, referring to the iPad. The iPod was the first post-PC product and the iPhone was the second. The majority of Apple’s revenue now comes from these products.

Steve Jobs goes on to poke fun at those that doubted the iPad when it was announced. He shows a slide stating that the iPad is the modern Tablet PC.  In fact, Jobs claims that Apple has sold more iPads in 2010 alone than all the Windows Tablet PC manufacturers have sold in history.

Jobs explains that Apple Retail stores are a huge part of the success of the iPad. He said that Apple retail stores were designed specifically for times like launching a new product category like the ipad.

Phil Schiller, an Apple exec, then narrates a video overview that celebrates the launch of the original iPad and the first year of the tablet’s life. The video showcases how the iPad is used on a daily basis across the globe. The technology director of Chicago’s public schools talks about how students are using the iPad to learn. The CIO of a medical center talks about how doctors spend more time with patients thanks to the iPad, which is also used as an educational device in the exam room. CEO Marc Benioff also appears to talk about how his business uses the iPad and how it’s the future of the enterprise. The video then moves on to showcase how the iPad allows children with Autism to learn and communicate more effectively.

Steve Jobs then moves on to again poke fun at the competition, saying that most of the competitors don’t even measure up with the original iPad.

The main event begins 16 minutes in, when Jobs begins talking abou the iPad 2. He starts by describing the A5 processor, which is up to twice as fast with computing data and nine-times faster for graphics processing. He then mentions the iPad 2’s other hardware, such as the built-in gyroscope.

Perhaps the thing that will keep the iPad 2 far ahead of the competition is the fact that Apple will intro the iPad 2 at $499, the same price as the original iPad. He begins talking about the price 21 minutes into the video. The 3G iPad 2 will start at $629.

A couple of minutes later he describes what one of our writers calls the ‘killer feature’ or availability.

At 23:30, Steve Jobs introduces the HDMI adapter, which provides video mirroring. The adapter will cost $39 and will work with other iOS devices.

At 25 minutes, Jobs begins talking about the iPad 2’s Smart Covers. Early iPad Smart Cover reviews are glowing. A couple of minutes later, Jobs shows a demo video of the Smart Cover. The cover comes in 10 color and two textures. If you don’t want to skip to that point, you can watch the shorter video above. The cases will cost $39 in a synthetic finish and  $69 in leather.

At 30 minutes into the iPad 2 video, Scott Forstall talks about iOS 4.3. Faster Web browsing, iTunes home sharing and new AirPlay features are just a few of the improvements. The new version of iOS 4.3 will also be available for the iPhone 4.

At 36 minutes, Forstall talks about Facetime, which utilizes either the iPad 2’s front or rear camera.

Steve Jobs jumps back on stage to introduce another Randy Ubillos, who intros iMovie and Garage Band for the iPad 2. Both of these apps will be available on March 11 in the app store. The iMovie app demo on the iPad 2 is quite long and detailed. The demo uses footage from a Hawaiian vacation.

Steve Jobs takes the stage again 47 minutes in and intros Garage Band for iPad. Xander Soren, Apple’s director of music marketing takes the stage to demonstrate Garage Band in detail.  Soren demonstrates several Garage Band instruments, including a versatile keyboard. Guitarists can plug right into the iPad.

At about 60 minutes in, Steve Jobs returns to summarize all of the iPad 2 news.

At 63 minutes in another iPad 2 video runs that stars John Ivy and other Apple execs. The promo video is also above.

At the very end of the video Steve Jobs explains that the competition is focusing too much on speeds and feeds, while Apple is focused on melding technology and usability.


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