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iPad 2 Hands on Video: Blazing Fast



Engadget’s posted a video that demonstrates how speedy the new iPad 2 is. The iPad 2’s A5 processor isn’t just for games and power-hungry apps, it also speeds up simple things such as turning pages in iBook.

As you can see in the video, the iPad 2 is significantly faster than the original iPad. It responds to touch gestures immediately and objects move in a much more fluid manner.

While the original iPad is a pretty quick device, this video demonstrates that the iPad 2 is a much more capable machine that can manipulate video and photos on the run.

The A5 processor inside the iPad 2 is approximately twice as fast as the original iPad’s processor. Graphics get a 9x speed bump.

This is the first of many iPad 2 hands-on videos that will be shot at the Apple event in San Francisco. Our own Chuong Nguyen is busy editing a series of iPad 2 videos, which we’ll publish soon.

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