iPad 2, iPhone 5s Deals Arrive at Best Buy
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iPad 2, iPhone 5s Deals Arrive at Best Buy



Best Buy is embracing Green Monday with iPhone 5s deals and a iPad 2 deal that includes a $50 gift card.

Green Monday is yet another made up shopping holiday, that retailers love to assemble this time of year. Even if the reasoning behind this sale is as fictional as Saint Nick, it doesn’t mean these deals are laughable.

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With the major holiday shopping events behind us this may be one of the last times we will see iPad and iPhone 5s deals this year without severe limits on quantities.

Best Buy offers an iPhone 5s deal as low as $99 and an iPad 2 deal with a gift card.

Best Buy offers an iPhone 5s deal as low as $99 and an iPad 2 deal with a gift card.

The Best Buy iPhone 5s deal can drop the price as low as $99 on a two year contract if you trade in any smartphone. This isn’t the best deal if you have an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, which you may get a better deal from Gazelle or another gadget trading site, but if you have an old Android smartphone this is a good deal. You may even have luck asking around for one that is in a friend’s junk drawer or night stand.

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The price of an iPhone 5s on contract is normally $199 for the 16GB model, but Best Buy drops it to $149 for Monday and Tuesday, and promises at least $50 with the trade of an old working smartphone towards the purchase of an iPhone 5s. You need to trade in a phone to get the lower price and the gift card, effectively earning $100 from an old smartphone.

The iPhone 5s deal is good on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. T-Mobile iPhone deals are rare outside of a T-Mobile retail store thanks to the Uncarrier plans the company offers.

In addition, Best Buy is offering a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad 2, dropping the overall price down to $350. This is not as good as the iPad 2 deals we saw on Black Friday and Cyber Monday which cut the price by up to $100 with discounts and gift cards, but this may be the best iPad 2 deal we see between now and Christmas.

The iPad 2 is not the best overall value for a new iPad as it uses older hardware and it may not get many more iOS updates, but some shoppers prefer the larger screen to that on the higher resolution iPad mini with Retina display which also retails for $399. We have yet to see iPad mini with Retina display deals.

Shoppers can pickup either of these promotions Monday and Tuesday December 9th and 10th. Start the iPhone transaction online or in store. The iPad 2 deal is available online and shoppers can select in store pickup or ship to home. The gift card will arrive later.



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