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iPad 2: You Want Wireless Mirroring? Check out this video!



If you were disappointed that the iPad 2 gained video mirroring but only through HDMI (and you know who you are), a couple of techies have the DIY solution for you: a wireless video mirroring system that requires no internal hacking.

Okay, so attaching a wireless HDMI adapter to an HDMI port isn’t exactly rocket science, but I still give these guys, Eric Govoruhk and Kelly McAteer, credit for making that logical step and putting the pieces together. Those pieces include an HP Wireless TV Connect and USB battery pack to power it, both freed from their standard housings and fit into a custom casing. Connects to the iPad via the standard HDMI adapter, so there’s no tinkering with the iPad internals whatsoever. It outputs at 1080p just as if the HDMI were running directly to the TV.

And before anyone complains that Apple should already have included wireless mirroring, take a good look at the hardware making it happen. Obviously too big to fit in an iPad and shrinking it down does not strike me as a trivial task. If anything, I think Eric and Kelly proved why this feature could not be implemented internally (at least for now).

Via 9to5Mac. Originally posted at MacRumors.

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