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iPad 3 Might Not Be Worth Upgrading



Many of us will be getting the New iPad, what many were speculating would be called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, when it ships on March 16. Features like 4G, the Retina Display, a faster processor and bigger camera enticed me to hit the “pre-order button” on Apple’s site over and over after the announcement. However, for many users, it won’t be worth the expense and trouble to upgrade.

Look at the list of new features and decide if you want one enough to go through the hassle of upgrading. Then consider two more things before you decide.

The Cost of Upgrading.

Using the base $500 iPad as an example, even if you sold your old iPad long ago, you likely cleared only about $300-$350 at best, unless you really suckered someone who didn’t know better. Most people expected the iPad 2 would be reduced.

I have a friend who got $300 for his iPad a week ago. Not bad, but until you realize he was selling a 32GB model. The cost will then be $200 for my friend if he just buys a 16 GB Wi-Fi only iPad for $499.

Because Apple changes the form factor, even slightly, my friend will probably need to buy a new case as well. Other accessories will probably work, but a new case usually costs at minimum $20-$30. With tax and the case he’s out about $300 for a new iPad.¬†Three hundred dollars doesn’t sound bad.

Second, lets look at what the new iPad brings with it making it worth upgrading.

  • Retina Display with quadruple the resolutioniPad 3 Price
  • 4G LTE
  • Higher resolution camera
  • More powerful/faster processor
  • Slightly thicker design
  • Bigger battery
  • Voice dictation from iOS 5.1 keyboard

Most of the new software updates in 5.1 will likely show up on your old iPad when you upgrade.

Look at the above list and ask yourself if any of these or a few of them are worth $300. I think they are, but you might not. How will these things change your daily usage?

If you’re very happy with your iPad and it works fine, the expense isn’t worth the hassle of waiting in a line and boxing up your old iPad to send it to it’s new owner. I would guess that includes a majority of iPad 1 and 2 owners. The new iPad is evolutionary and looks identical to the iPad 2.

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