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iPad 3 Release Around the Corner, Skip Best Buy’s iPad 2 Sale



Best Buy has dropped the price of the iPad 2 in its stores and online, but please don’t take the store up on the offer. The iPad 3 is coming very soon, with March 7 currently pegged for the launch. There’s no sense in buying an iPad 2 even at $50 off with the new iPad coming so soon.

The Best Buy deal brings the iPad 2’s base price down to $450. Presumably this is just a way to get rid of some iPad 2 stock as the iPad 3 release date draws nearer.

Any sort of sale on the iPad 2 would be enticing, if now wasn’t the absolute worst time to buy an iPad 2.

Even if you won’t want or need the extra features in the iPad 3 the iPad 2 should be even cheaper than $450 once the third generation tablet is launched.

Apple iPad 2

The iPad 3 looks like it will be an improvement over the iPad 2 in almost every way. The screen will be a Retina Display with a quadrupled 2048×1536 resolution, while still keeping the same size as the iPad 2. The iPad 3 is also said to run either a dual-core A5X or quad-core A6 CPU, both of which will be faster than the A5 in the current iPad 2.

Simply put, if the rumors prove to be true the iPad 3 will be the biggest improvement in the iPad line yet. So please, don’t fall for Best Buy’s sale. Hold off on buying an iPad until after Apple’s next announcement, which we expect within the next week.

You don’t want to be the person who bought the iPad 2 just a week before the iPad 3 was announced, do you?

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