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iPad 3 With Retina Display, iOS 6 Caught Browsing the Web



It seems that some Apple employees are already using the iPad 3 or iPad HD on the Apple campus, but een more exciting is that some of these new iPads have iOS 6 installed.

A browser stat report over at Ars Technica has revealed a few devices running the next major update to iOS with higher resolution displays.

The logs show a total of 365 devices with a 2048×1536 display, the same resolution we’ve been quoting for the Retina Display, visiting Ars Technica. While there are a very small selection of displays with that exact resolution, it’s more likely that a few testers at Apple are Ars Technica fans.

iPad 3 iOS 6 logs

Those displays run the gamut of iOS versions. There’s iPads running iOS 5, iOS 5.0.1 (the current version for consumers), iOS 5.1 (the version currently in beta), and iOS 6. We’ve already assumed that iOS 5.1 would be the version that the iPad 3 would support. iOS 5.1 is the version that’s currently being tested by developers, so it wouldn’t make sense to jump to a whole new version so quickly.

While the logs don’t say much about iOS 6, they do say that it runs a newer version of WebKit, which should mean better web performance. If Apple is already testing iOS 6 perhaps it means that we’ll learn something about the new version next week. It could just be a sneak-peek, with the true unveiling coming at WWDC in a few months.

It’s likely that we’ll have to wait long months for iOS 6 even if we do hear about it next week. Apple typically releases new versions of iOS to coincide with new hardware, so iOS 6 will probably be coming with the next iPhone, which many have taken to calling the iPhone 5.



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