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iPad 5 Display Rumor Tips Fall Release Timing



The iPad 5 will reportedly use a new type of display technology that allows Apple to make the iPad 5 thinner and lighter.

According to the latest iPad 5 rumors out of China point to Apple using the same display technology in the iPad 5 as it does in the iPad mini.

This latest information places the iPad 5 release date sometime in the third quarter of 2013, much later than the April release which we’ve heard, but not out of line with other iPad 5 rumors.

iPad 5 Display Rumors

DigiTimes reports that suppliers are preparing the same thin-film DITO (G/F2) touch screen technology as the iPad mini users for a major third-quarter push for the iPad 5.

The new display tech is proven with the iPad mini, allowing Apple to cut deliver an iPad that is 23 percent thinner and 53 percent lighter. Apple is already rumored to bring the iPad mini case design to the iPad 5, and it looks like the screen technology will come along with it to help Apple make a thinner, lighter iPad 5.

ipad 5 mock up

Mock-up showing difference between iPad mini 2, iPad 5 and iPad 4. via Martin Hajek

This is the second rumor to come from DigiTimes that points at an iPad 5 with this new display technology. DigiTimes reported in late January that Apple was rumored to be using the DITO (G/F2) touch screen technology to the iPad 5 with panels from LG and Sharp.

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The iPad mini display tech combines with smaller bezels around the screen and software that, “intelligently recognizes whether your thumb is simply resting on the display or whether you’re intentionally interacting with it.” This feature makes using an iPad display with thinner bezels and a thinner overall size easier without accidentally triggering touch points.

Several iPad 5 leaks show alleged back plates and an iPad 5 case which is smaller than the iPad 4. The alleged back plates look just like a larger iPad mini.

iPad 5 vs iPad mini

The iPad mini vs. iPad 5 size comparison from purported iPad 5 back photos. via 9to5Mac

While the iPad mini does not use a Retina Display, the switch to the iPad mini screen tech does not mean Apple is abandoning the Retina Display for the iPad 5. In fact we are hearing rumors that the iPad mini 2 could feature a Retina Display. As the video shows the iPad mini touch screen functions independent of the actual display.

The report also claims Samsung is making a bid to get back into the iPad display businesses, something that is in contrast to the rumors that a Samsung Electronics executive claims not to worry about.

iPad 5 Release Date

This new information also appears to rule out an April or Q2 launch for the iPad 5. Apple launched the iPad 3 in March, but switched things up to bring the iPad 4 out in October of last year in time for the holidays.

If Apple suppliers do not expect the ramp up to arrive until the third quarter of 2013 we could be looking at an iPad 5 release in the fall, something we’ve heard from separate rumors. Earlier rumblings of a June 29th iPad 5 launch event don’t appear trustworthy.

If the iPad 5 release date is going to arrive in April as several sources claim, we should hear something soon about the event.

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