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iPad 5 & iPhone 5S Event on June 29? Don’t Buy Your Ticket Yet



A new rumor claims Apple is planning the iPad 5 and iPhone 5S launch for June 29th, marking the six-year anniversary of the iPhone launch.

The Apple event, would reportedly act as the launching pad for the iPad 5 and the iPhone 5S, both which have heard rumors of a  summer release.

According to Gizmorati, the event will carry the “Original Passion, New Ideas” tagline, marking the transition from a Steve Jobs run Apple to one under the control of current CEO Tim Cook.

Sources claim Apple is planning an iPhone 5S and iPad 5 launch event on June 29th.

Sources claim Apple is planning an iPhone 5S and iPad 5 launch event on June 29th.

The publication claims the information comes from an inside source at Apple and is verified by a third-party source, but the prospect of a Saturday launch event would be completely new for Apple. The company typically holds special launch events on Tuesday or Thursday.

Also, June 29th 2013 marks six years since the iPhone release, but it is six months after the actual announcement of the iPhone at MacWorld. The video below shows Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone on January 9th 2007.

Apple event invites typically include teasing phrases to set the tone for an event, but in recent memory the company is more playful with “Lets Talk iPhone.”, It’s Almost here.”, “We’ve got a little more to show you.” — not something that sounds like it could be the title to Mel Gibson’s next movie.

It would also be the first time Apple combined an iPhone and an iPad launch into the same event. Even when Apple launched the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad mini in late 2012, the company held separate events for the iPhone and the iPad.

Seeing as this is the first substantial Apple rumor to come from this source we remain skeptical of likelihood of a Saturday event with a bold tagline set based on the iPhone release, rather than the official announcement.

iPad 5 Rumors

New Apple rumors claim the company is preparing the iPad 5 release for Q3 2013.

New Apple rumors claim the company is preparing the iPad 5 release for Q3 2013. Image via Martin Hajek.

Based on the recent iPad 5 rumors, Apple could launch the iPad 5 in April, or it could see an iPad 5 release later this fall. There are too many rumors at this point to make an accurate prediction. One rumor of a June iPad 5 release is now retracted.

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The iPad 5 is rumored to arrive with iPad mini styling and an upgraded processor. Leaked photos claim to show the iPad 5 with an iPad mini design language, which results in a smaller overall size for the iPad without changing the 9.7-inch display.

Today’s rumors make no mention of an iPad mini 2 which may launch alongside the iPad 5.

iPhone 5S Rumors

Rumors point to an iPhone 5S that looks much like the iPhone 5.

Rumors point to an iPhone 5S that looks much like the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5S release and launch event is rumored to take place anytime in June, July, August or even later depending on which rumors you believe. Again it is too early to tell which rumor is correct, but we should see an iOS 7 beta long before Apple announces the iPhone 5S, if the company sticks to past actions.

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Rumors point to an iPhone 5S with minimal design changes and possibly with a killer feature. Odds are this killer feature will be software based, at least this is the direction given by a Morgan Stanley analyst. This would point to an iOS 7 release alongside the iPhone 5S.

As far as new iPhone 5S features go, there are substantial rumors of a built-in fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S, which could add security overall and enable a upgraded Passbook with the ability to make digital payments.



  1. Patrick

    03/20/2013 at 2:28 pm

    Well it seems if apple reinvents a technology they talk about it in January. The iPhone and iPad did this. So the iwatch may be announced January 2014 or a TV?

  2. Viktor Cruz

    03/20/2013 at 5:48 pm

    I was honestly disappointed with the iPhone 5, the placement of the audio jack, the new mic in between the camera and flash, and the change of Speakers. Hopefully, in the iPhone 5S (Which the new killer-feature has my whole family in excitement) things may be changed back, but I hardly doubt it.

  3. Elias Rodriguez

    03/20/2013 at 9:50 pm

    It would be badass since its the 6 year anniversary they skip iPhone 5S and go to iPhone 6 and actually innovate, with new features, new modern processor and 13mp camera, BIGGER SCREEN!

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