iPad 5 Pegged for October Release with iPad mini Design
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iPad 5 Pegged for October Release with iPad mini Design



According to a new report, the iPhone 5S, the rumored name for the upcoming successor to the iPhone 5, may be coming with a design similar to the iPhone 5 and the iPad 5, which was originally rumored for March, may have an October release date and a design similar to the iPad mini.

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Thus far, rumors have been swirling about Apple’s new iPad for 2013 and its new iPhone for 2013. Those devices, thought to be called iPad 5 and iPhone 5S respectively, have been pegged with features and release dates just a few months after their assumed predecessors made their debuts.


A potential 2013 Apple roadmap including mockups.

The iPad 5 has, up until now, be rumored to be coming in March like three of Apple’s past slates. However, a new report from the reliable iLounge claims that Apple may not be able to get the new iPad 5 out until October, give or take a few weeks.

It appears that Apple is hard at work on the next iPad, dubbed iPad 5, and apparently, the device is a lot more iPad mini than it is iPad, at least in terms of design. Evidently, the iPad 5 is much smaller than one might expect. Specifically, it’s mentioned to have minimal bezels on the left and right hand sides while in portrait mode, while keeping that large 9.7-inch display. The iPad mini sports thinner bezels than the larger iPad so it appears that it might be taking after its smaller and cheaper sibling.

It’s also apparently thinner than the iPad fourth-generation and the render below, from Martin Hajek, is said to be a fairly accurate depiction of what the iPad 5 might look like compared to the other model.


A render of the iPad 5.

The overall design is described as a “stretched iPad mini” with its curves and its beveled edges. iLounge believes that Apple will accomplish this new design by using new technology inside of the iPad. Specifically an IGZO display is mentioned, something that would allow Apple to keep the device slim without compromising the battery life. Remember, the iPad 3 was thicker than the iPad 2 due to a larger battery.

The report also claims that Apple may use a familiar processing chip inside the iPad 5 with Apple’s selling points based around the iPad 5’s better display, lighter weight and smaller design. It appears though that these components may mean a launch later in the year as they could be hard to source.

While the iPad 5 has been rumored for a release in March, its release date has now been pegged for October.

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The iPad 5 isn’t the only device mentioned here either. In addition to the iPad 5 claims, the report suggests that Apple will be releasing an iPhone 5S this year with a design similar to the iPhone 5, something that has been mentioned before. Apple typically uses the same design with its ‘S’ versions of the phone.

Also mentioned is the cheaper, plastic iPhone that Apple is said to be working on for emerging markets like China. The device is also apparently on track this year and has been rumored to be coming with the iPhone 5S.

The larger “iPhone Math” which could be called “iPhone +” is evidently a real prototype but it appears that Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone will not be out this year, and maybe, not ever.

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