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iPad 5 Case Leak Teases iPad mini Design, June 2013 Release



A fresh iPad 5 release date rumor and a photo of an iPad 5 case arrived late Friday, showing what could be the next iPad and teasing a release date in June.

MiniSuit, a case manufacturer, claims to know the dimensions and design of the iPad 5, and is already producing cases for the next iPad. Rumors point to a new iPad in 2013, which many are calling the iPad 5, as it will be the 5th generation iPad with a 9.7-inch display.

Update: The source retracted the rumor of a June 2013 iPad 5 release.

In addition to the iPad 5 case photo, MiniSuit claims that Apple is planning an iPad 5 release for June 2013. This would line up with rumors of an iPhone 5S release date this summer, and could share the limelight with an iPad mini 2. The latest release date rumors mention April and October, and Apple has yet to launch a new iPad during the summer, but the company has shown it is willing to move releases around.

The photo below shows a size comparison of the iPad mini vs. the iPad 5 vs. the iPad 4, with three cases lined up next to each other. The design looks like the iPad 5 information we’ve seen leaked that points to an iPad mini 2 style design and a narrower look. The iPad 5 case also looks thinner than the iPad 4, and is not as tall.

An iPad 5 case next to an iPad mini case and an iPAd 4 case to show size.

An iPad 5 case next to an iPad mini case and an iPad 4 case to show size.

There is no doubt that this is a case designed for an iPad mini-style iPad 5, but there is always a chance that the iPad 5 leaked to MiniSuit are incorrect. We’ve seen several leaked cases for unannounced apple devices in the past, and not all of them turn out to be legit. This is the first tip from MiniSuit, so we don’t have a track record to go on.

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Based on the number of rumors pointing to an iPad 5 with a new design, it is possible that these iPad 5 cases are close to the real design. Recent rumors back up the completely designed iPad 5, but suggest a Q3 release date. It is possible that Apple could announce the iPad 5 in June and release it in July, if MiniSuit’s information is correct.

Previously leaked photos show what is claimed to be the back of the iPad 5, with a design that looks a lot like the iPad mini. These cases match up with those leaked iPad 5 rear casing photos as near as we can tell. Gotta Be Mobile has reached out for more information on the iPad 5 size, but has yet to hear back. iPad 5 renderings show what the iPad 5 could look like based on the iPad mini design.



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