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iPad 5 Size All But Confirmed by Case Makers



Rumors thus far have all pointed to the iPad 5 design borrowing from the iPad mini design. And while that’s not confirmed, evidence continues to mount with the latest being alleged leaked iPad schematics that have been provided to case makers ahead of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch later this year.

The iPad 5 is one of the worst kept secrets in the mobile world at the moment. While Apple still refuses to acknowledge its existences,various leaks and rumors have all but confirmed it to be the successor to the iPad 4 and a device that will more than likely be coming with a brand new design, similar to the iPad mini.

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Rumors and leaked parts point to an iPad 5 with thinner bezels and a smaller overall footprint than the iPad 4. The device is also rumored to be thinner and lighter than the iPad 4, something that should make it more portable.

Case manufacturers often get dimensions of new devices ahead of time so that they can start putting their accessories together ahead of a launch and a new leak from AppleInsider depicts what appear to be iPad 5 dimensions that were given to a case maker.

These alleged iPad 5 schematics point to a new design.

These alleged iPad 5 schematics point to a new design.

The schematics line up with what we have seen in various iPad 5 leaks. A design that is smaller than the previous iPad and one that offers up thinner bezels. They suggest that Apple will cut 15 millimeters off of the width of the iPad and will slightly reduce the height as well. Furthermore, it appears that the device will measure in at, or around, 7.5mm thin, a far cry from the 9.5mm iPad 4. This again backs up rumors that have suggested a thinner full-sized iPad.

The iPad 5 will apparently be much thinner than the iPad 4.

The iPad 5 will apparently be much thinner than the iPad 4.

As for the rest of the iPad 5, it’s expected to retain a similar 9.7-inch display, rear and front-facing cameras, and volume and power buttons in the same place as its predecessors.

Apple is rumored to be hosting an iPad 5 event on October 15th but that remains unconfirmed and will be until the company issues media invites. Also expected at the iPad event in October are the iPad mini 2, the OS X Mavericks release date, the Mac Pro, and new MacBook Pros with improved battery life.

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