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iPad Air Fire Probably Not an iPad Air



Word spread quickly around the Internet this past weekend that a new iPad Air had caused a fire and exploded in a Canberra, Australia Vodafone Store. The incident happened on Wednesday, and apparently the store had to be evacuated and the fire department was called to the scene. No one was injured. But the only thing that spreads more quickly than flames is word of exploding electronics on the Internet. Especially if it is Apple hardware. And, especially if it is newly released Apple hardware. The iPad Air went on sale November 1.

Whether this douses the flames or fans them we’ll have to see, but the latest word is that the device in question wasn’t an iPad Air at all. Mashable is reporting that a Vodafone spokesperson told them that it wasn’t an iPad Air, but that it was a Retina iPad Model. That would make it an iPad 3 or an iPad 4. Again, that takes some of the sting out of the smoke in the story, but there where there is smoke… well, you know the saying.

As to the fire, quoted a source as saying “a burst of flames” came from the charging port of a display model. In instances of Apple products that have caused fires in the past, the culprit has usually been a third party charger. Given that this was a display demo model in a Vodafone store, one would think the chances of that would be less likely.


Apple has of course made no comment on the “iPad Air fire.” But apparently an Apple Store representative did come and pick up the charred iPad for investigation.


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