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iPad Air Multitasking Can’t Compete Boasts Samsung’s New Tablet Ads



Samsung isn’t just battling Apple with the iPhone 5s vs Galaxy s5 showdown that is set to take place in the next few weeks. In a new Samsung tablet ad, the company is taking on the iPad Air, Kindle and Surface 2 — and isn’t holding any punches.

In the new Samsung tablet ads which are airing during March Madness games the company is going head to head with the competition on areas that Samsung tablets deliver more features. Mostly this translates into a lot of demonstrations of multitasking.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and the Galaxy Note Pro allow users to run multiple apps on-screen at the same time, something the iPad Air and Kindle Fire HDX aren’t able to do. Of course the Surface isn’t safe in the ads, but since it can multitask Samsung calls it a laptop thanks to the keyboard, mouse and battery pack; ignoring the ability to remove that stuff to use it as a tablet.

Bashing competing products is nothing new for Samsung, as it does this for the iPhone and iPad on a regular basis. This is the first time in recent memory that it took aim at the Surface and the Kindle Fire all at once.

While product ads often exaggerate, multitasking is a major feature that Samsung users enjoy on the Galaxy Tab Pro, Galaxy Note Pro and on smartphones like the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3. While using an iPhone or iPad it is not as fluid or easy to send a file or use another app while on a video call. This feature is the focus of many Samsung ads because it works and is very useful to many users. It’s not just one for business users, as it also lets users chat and browse the web or watch a video and browse Facebook without using a second device.

The new Samsung tablet ads take on the competition directly.

The new Samsung tablet ads take on the competition directly.

Samsung finishes off the ad with a shot at the iPad mini Retina, claiming the screen on the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 looks better because it has more pixels. The Samsung tablet offers a 2560 x 1600 resolution compared to the 2048 x 1536 resolution on the iPad mini Retina. The higher resolutions means more pixels packed closer together which can deliver a better looking display. With 359 pixels per inch on the Samsung tablet and 326 on the iPad, there is a difference, but consumers may not see a major difference.

Expect to see more Samsung tablet ads on your TV as the devices arrive at more retailers in the U.S. and Samsung attempts to convince users to switch from competitors.

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