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iPad and iPhone Smuggling Ring Takes A Page from Ocean’s Eleven



It’s not shocking to hear about an iPhone and iPad smuggling ring being busted in Shenzen, China, a place that just so happens to be the center of the universe when it comes to phony electronics. No, not shocking at all. However, this isn’t your every day iPhone and iPad smuggling ring.

iPad and iPhone Pulley

Photo via Shenzen News.

In fact, it appears that the people behind it stole a page out of George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s book in Ocean’s Eleven when concocting how to move around their Apple contraband.

Get this. According to Shenzen News, customs authorities from China and Hong Kong have discovered a smuggling ring in Shenzen that was somehow smuggling iPhone 4’s and iPad 2’s 300 meters across the border to Hong Kong. In order to do that, someone apparently had to use a crossbow to shoot a bolt that was attached to a cable that was strung up from a window on the 21st floor of a building down to a rural house in Hong Kong.

That bolt would then carry a sack filled with iPhone 4’s and iPad 2’s down to the house in Hong Kong using a pulley where the inhabitants would presumably scoop up the goods and send them off to various other destinations.

Customs agents were able to confiscate 50 iPhone 4’s and 50 iPad 2’s which in all, totaled up to $46,583 in U.S. dollars. I really wish there was video of this system in action because now all we can do is wait for the Hollywood movie to arrive.

Via: Ubergizmo


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