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iPad Black Friday 2013 Deal Roundup



Black Friday shoppers will be delighted to know that there will be several iPad Black Friday deals with retailers offering discounts on Apple’s brand new iPad Air, the company’s aging iPad 2 and even the company’s original iPad mini.

Apple still hasn’t announced its own Black Friday deals that it will be offering come November 29th, but that hasn’t stopped other retailers from relaying their own deals on Apple products. In particular, we’re seeing a number of Black Friday iPad deals emerge ahead of the big day, deals that shoppers will certainly want to take a look at before taking the plunge.

iPad Air Review -  5

One of the big reasons why shoppers should take notice is because these iPad Black Friday deals don’t just extend to Apple’s aging tablet lineup but they also extended to one of the company’s brand new tablets, the iPad Air.

Yes, retailers are already offering deals on the iPad 2 and the original iPad mini, but there are also some discounts on Apple’s current full-sized 9.7-inch tablet. The iPad Air is only a few weeks old and it’s a device that has already garnered some stellar reviews with our own Josh Smith calling it the best full-sized tablet on the market right now.

While it’s a fantastic device, the iPad Air, like the other iPads, are not cheap and that’s why these Black Friday deals are worth looking at. Some of these offers are basic discounts, chopping a bit off the price. Others throw in a gift card to sweeten the deal.

iPad Air Review -  2

Retailers are in the mix, but Apple itself will be too. Black Friday shoppers at Apple Stores can expect discounts of about $41 off the iPad Air and the iPad 2 though we don’t expect the company to offer much more than that with the focus being on the devices that it currently sells new.

One device that certainly won’t see any Black Friday deals is the new iPad mini with Retina Display, a device that only arrived on shelves a few days ago, and a device that is still in short supply. There is a chance that Apple could offer a price cut but at this point, odds are slim to none. Instead, buyers looking to snag a discounted iPad in and around Black Friday will have to settle. We do expect to see some scattered deals for the iPad 4, the device that the iPad Air replaced, but we can’t confirm anything just yet.

That said, here’s a rundown of the best iPad Black Friday 2013 deals, separated by model.

iPad Air Black Friday 2013 Deals

iPad Air Outdoors

There aren’t a ton of deals on the iPad Air, not surprising considering it’s relatively new. However, those looking to snag the compact, full-sized iPad will want to zero in on Best Buy and Target, both of which are offering the device below Apple’s $499.99 non-Black Friday price tag. The Target deal in particular is interesting thanks to the gift card that it throws in with the purchase.

  • iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi – Best Buy – $449.99
  • iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi – Target – $479.99 + $100 Gift Card

iPad 2 Black Friday 2013 Deals

The iPad 2 is on its last legs from a software standpoint and doesn’t have a Retina Display, but for those that don’t care about either of those things, and just want a solid tablet experience right now, there are a number of iPad 2 deals available. Apple usually sells the iPad 2 for $399.99 so a $100 discount should be pretty tempting to those that don’t care about specs.

  • iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi – Best Buy – $299.99
  • iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi – Target – $399.99 + $100 Gift Card
  • iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi – Meijer – $299.99

iPad mini Black Friday 2013 Deals

iPad Air vs iPad mini -  1

Finally, there are a number of deals on Apple’s original iPad mini, deals that should appeal to those that don’t care about the iPad mini with Retina Display’s new screen, camera and processor. The deals at Target and Walmart are certainly worth a look, especially for those that do their shopping there, thanks to those gift cards. Other places will simply offer a steeper, up front discount.

  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi – Target – $299.99 + $75 Gift Card
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi – Walmart – $299.99 + $100 Gift Card
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi – H.h. gregg – $249.99
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi – Fred Meyer – $249.99
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi – ( – $249.99
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1 Comment

  1. kim kiri

    11/26/2013 at 6:42 pm

    Black Friday weekend iPad mini

    Shoppers who would like to learn more about the iPad Mini Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 iPad Mini deals and sales may visit the Amazon website in late November and early December; there, they will find deals information about the product.
    The iPad Mini has been receiving rave reviews for its amazing features, including a retina display that looks incredible, an advanced wireless system, a state-of-the-art A7 chip, and a variety of useful and entertaining apps

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