iPad Brings Remote Control Car Fun to People with Muscular Dystrophy

I’m constantly amazed at how people use the iPad, and this video from the MyBreathMyMusic group shares another cool use of the iPad by students with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This isn’t a medical app, just a really cool use of the iPad and a remote control app that lets people with limited mobility play with a remote control car.

In the video below, Christian, Dani, Korneel, Bas and David drive a Mini Cooper around the MyBreathMyMusic studio, curving around obstacles with ease.

ipad remote control appIn the video, students drive around the Bluetooth controlled Mini Cooper with an iPad app that does away with the joysticks found on most cars, for sliders and buttons to tap.

The car in question is the BeeWi Mini Cooper, which is controlled with this free companion app.  The app is available for Android as well as the iPad, so this isn’t limited to the iPad.

You can’t find the BeeWi Cooper Mini in the U.S., but there are other Bluetooth remote control cars available.

Check out the end of the video to see the Magic Flute that the MyBreathMyMusic group uses for respiratory therapy.

Have you seen any other interesting iPad uses?