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iPad Cyber Monday 2013 Deals Offer Up to $150 Off



The iPad Cyber Monday 2013 deals are selling out quickly, but they are available, and shoppers can save up to $150 on select models — with savings on the iPad 2, iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad mini.

These iPad Cyber Monday deals are available online only, so you will need to shop from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Some stores may price match the online price, but if you can order online we recommend ordering as fast as possible to avoid any sell outs.

Many of these iPad Cyber Monday 2013 deals match the Black Friday deals we saw arrive on Thanksgiving, though it appears some retailers are still struggling to get restocked after the busy shopping season. We recommend checking the pages throughout the day if you are looking for a deal that is out of stock right now, as some retailers will update with more stock throughout the day.

Here are the best iPad Cyber monday 2013 deals around.

Here are the best iPad Cyber monday 2013 deals around.

iPad Cyber Monday 2013 Deals

Here’s a rundown of the current iPad Cyber Monday deals broken down by iPad model so you can find the one you want easier. These deals are online only unless otherwise noted. If an item is out of stock, check again later in the day.

Staples offers the deepest iPad Cyber Monday 2013 deals, but the company simply rolled over the Black Friday deals so the stock is limited.

iPad 2 Cyber Monday Deals

The iPad 2 features a 9.7-inch display that is not Retina, like the iPad Air and iPad 4, but it’s cheaper price and plentiful accessory line make it appealing to many users. This iPad retails for $399, but we are seeing it as low as $299 if you can find it in stock.

The refurbished iPad 2 is the cheapest of the bunch, but unlike an official Apple refurbished iPad 2 that normally sells for $319 on, this one includes a 30 day warranty instead of a 1 year warranty, dropping the overall value of the deal.

iPad mini Cyber Monday Deals

The iPad mini comes with a 7.9-inch screen which makes it more portable and easier to hold with one hand. This is the older model without a Retina display, but the $150 savings compared to buying an iPad mini with Retina Display is worth it to many bargain shoppers.

  • iPad mini – $249 at Staples
  • iPad mini – $229 at RadioShack – In Store limited quantities
  • iPad mini – $279 at Walmart with Bluetooth Speaker

Finding the Staples iPad mini Cyber Monday 2013 deal in stock is tough, but you may have luck trying to order over the phone.

iPad 4 Cyber Monday Deals

The iPad 4 Cyber Monday deals offer a lot of room for discounts as retailers clear out stock of the full size Retina iPad to make room for the iPad Air on store shelves. The iPad 4 Cyber Monday 2013 deals include up to $150 off of higher capacity models.

Staples is out of stock of many models, so be sure to compare the prices of the higher capacity or cellular models which are also on sale as part of this deal. RadioShack stock appears to be steady.

iPad Air Cyber Monday Deals

The new iPad Air is thinner and lighter than the iPad 4, and it retails for $499, but we are seeing deals that offer $20 to $50 off this model in up front discounts or promo codes.

These deals are not as good as we saw on Black Friday with $75 and $100 gift card bonuses, but may be some of the best deals we see between now and Christmas.

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1 Comment

  1. Bill

    12/02/2013 at 8:21 am

    All the Ipad Mini deals are out of stock. The Radio Shack deal was for a refurb, but they’re also out of stock.

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