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iPad HD Beating iPad 3 for Name of New iPad



Just a few days ago, we heard that Apple’s next version of the iPad, which the company will likely announce at an event Wednesday morning in San Francisco, might be called the iPhone HD and not the iPad 3. Today, that rumor has gathered more steam as both CNET and VentureBeat are reporting that Apple will indeed dub the next iPad, the iPad HD, with the HD likely standing for the Retina Display that it has on board.

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Both reports claim that their sources have been accurate in the past and the leak matches up with last week’s report which was backed by accessory listings from both Belkin and Griffin wherein the device was referred to as the iPad HD.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard this name pop up either.

iPad 2

The successor to the iPad 2 will likely be called iPad HD.

The name ‘iPad HD’ actually popped up all the way back in July of last year alongside a rumor about the iPhone 5, a device that turned out to be the iPhone 4S.

That HD moniker likely refers to the high-definition display that is rumored to be on board the iPad HD. Its Retina Display is rumored to possess resolution that offers 2048 by 1536 pixels, a resolution that is quadruple that of the resolution found on the iPad 2 and iPad.

Apple is also rumored to be introducing a new Apple TV that supposedly supports 1080p HD content. If true, it means that Apple will likely take the cover off of new 1080p content in the iTunes Store as well.

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So, as you can see, the iPad HD name makes a whole lot of sense.

Apple’s new iPad is also expected to feature 4G LTE connectivity, an upgraded camera, a more powerful processor – possibly quad-core in nature, and it’s also rumored to be running iOS 5.1, the latest version of Apple’s mobile software.

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