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iPad iOS 7 Video: iOS 7 Features on the iPad



The iPad iOS 7 beta is finally available for developers and users willing to try the iOS 7 beta. The iPad iOS 7 beta works on the iPad and iPad mini, and today we have a walk-through of the new iPad iOS 7 features on the iPad 3.

iOS 7 is a new version of the software that powers the iPhone and iPad. Today Apple released iOS 7 beta 2, which fixes bugs and performance on the iPhone and brings support for the iPad for the first time.

The iPad iOS 7 beta works on the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini, though not all iPads will get every single feature. Each of these tablets will get the new looks, icons and most system enhancements.

iPad iOS 7 Beta Video Tour

The iPad iOS 7 beta video below shows the iOS 7 beta 2 running on the iPad 3. We show a new look for Siri, new Siri voice, Control Center on the iPad and the new Today screen for the Notification Center, in addition to a new look for Safari.

iOS 7 delivers a new look for the iPad that includes new icons, but more importantly new features. Users will enjoy Control Center, a new swipe up control panel with fast access to toggles and settings.

Users can also enjoy the new Multitasking, which uses the full screen to show cards for apps. This makes finding the right app easier and a swipe up will kill an app. Overall this is a major enhancement.


The iPad iOS 7 Beta is here with a new look for the iPad.

The iPad iOS 7 Beta is here with a new look for the iPad.

Siri is also upgraded in the iOS 7 beta with a new male voice and a new female voice that offers a more realistic sound. Siri take sup the full screen of the iPad, showing more of the information users want.

The Notification Center now features a Today screen which shows the weather, important events like birthdays, the day on a calendar as well as Reminders and a peak at tomorrow.

Safari is faster and lets users search or enter an address in a single bar. Safari also connects to iCloud Keychain to sync passwords and shopping details like a credit card between devices.

Users can also access Spotlight by pulling down on any screen, for faster searching of apps, contacts, calendars and more.

Users that want to try the iPad iOS 7 beta can sign up for $8 to register with a third-party service so that the iPad is listed as a developer device. This will let users download and install the iOS 7 beta to an iPad. The same service works for the iPhone, but users will need to register each device individually.

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The iPad iOS 7 beta is not for everyone, as there will be apps that don’t work and features that could cause the iPhone to restart for seemingly no reason. If you need to use the iPad for work, or can’t live without an iPad that works flawlessly, don’t install the beta. If you want to try the iPad iOS 7 beta before the official iOS 7 release this fall, most features should work.

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