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iPad iOS 9 Update: 10 Things to Know After Three Weeks



The iPad iOS 9 update is three weeks old. In those three weeks we’ve seen new updates, new problems and other new details emerge. Today, we want to recap everything and take a look at what you need to know about the current state of the iPad iOS 9 release.

In June, Apple took the stage and confirmed a brand new iOS 9 operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In September, Apple took the stage again to announce an iOS 9 release date. And on September 16th, Apple replaced the iOS 8 update with iOS 9.

iOS 9 looks a lot like iOS 8 but it comes with new features and enhancements that make it a worthy successor, especially on the iPad. The new update comes with some enhanced multitasking features for select iPads including Split-View, Picture in Picture and Slide-Out.

Three weeks ago, we downloaded and installed the iPad iOS 9.0 update on the iPad mini 2, iPad Air, and iPad Air 2. Two weeks ago, we installed the iOS 9.0.1 update. And last week, we installed Apple’s new iPad iOS 9.0.2 update.

We’ve put the iPad iOS 9 update under the microscope and today we want to tell you about a few things that we’ve learned about the current state of the update and the iPad iOS 9 update’s future. Keep these in mind as we push ahead towards Apple’s next big release, iOS 9.1.

iPad iOS 9 Performance: Solid

iPad iOS 9 Performance: Solid

We've used all three iOS 9 updates on those three versions of the iPad and we've had a solid experience with all three software upgrades. 

The iOS 9.0.2 update, Apple's latest upgrade, is holding up nicely after a week. Battery life is excellent, app performance is better than it is on iPhone, and we haven't experienced any problems with connectivity. It's solid all-around. 

In our eyes, the iOS 9 update and its features outweigh the potential problems you might encounter if you're moving from iOS 8 and below.

For more on the iPad iOS 9.0.2 update, take a look at our review. You'll also want to poke around on sites like YouTube.

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